Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In the Leaves Again

Last year around this time, I took the kids for a little tromp thru the woods behind their house. We found quite a pile of leaves, and I had been keeping it in mind to look for them again this year. We took Danica out of school and JJ out of daycare early on Thursday so that we could take them in for their flu shots. They were both quite heroic about their shots, so we took them out for donuts afterward. After that,the day was still nice and we had just enough time to go looking for the leaves again before the sun went down — well before 5:00PM. We found them, and I took a few pictures — for a change.

I don't think the photos require any extra commentary on my part, except for the last one (see below).

JJ found a discarded hanging basket, and Danica decided to fill it with rocks.
The farther we walked, the more she stopped to fill it.
A moment later, guess who was carrying it.


Donna said...

Hahaaaa....well, that's what Grampas are For!!

Mara said...

Oh, but you sound like such a dear and she looks like she's having a bit of trouble carrying that thing! Even with the help of her brother!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like a fun outing and very colorful outerwear on the grandkids. Did Danica let you keep the rock collection too?

Lorna said...

how could you remember an outing from last year? I can barely remember last week.

Bernie said...

I love how your grandchildren always look happy and they seem to be having fun all the time. I know thats not possible but I bet they are 99% of the time. Hey carrying those rocks is good exercise for you. Hope they don't have any reactions to their flu shots....Hugs

Pearl said...

rocks are so pretty. the same thing happened with me I'm sure. I remember coat nearly pulled off my shoulders with the weight of stones in the pockets.