Saturday, November 03, 2012

Dear Paul . . .

I am in a quandary. Although being in a quandary is much preferable to being in a quarry, I desperately need your expert advice.

You like your beer, so I purchased two 12-packs for your May visit. It was good stuff too — Sleemans and Corona. But you were on the wagon and refused my well-meant offerings. I do not fault you for this, but your decision has caused me significant consternation.

Because I was left to my own devices, I began to drink like never before, with almost reckless abandon. Just six months,short months later all 24 have been consumed: an absolute record for me — four per month or just about one per week. I am alarmed to have drunk at such a frenetic pace.

Do you think my case is serious? Should I enroll in treatment, or should I just dry out for awhile. When do you reckon it would be safe for me to purchase more, or should I abstain until the upcoming holiday season is over — if not forever?

Just sign me, Perplexed and Nervous AC


Ginnie said...

Ha, Ha, Ha ... AC.
As a gal with 23 years of hard fought sobriety under my belt I can only say ... it's guys like you that led us to drink in the first place !!

Lorna said...

I think you should leave beer alone until you conquer your camera-addiction

Hilary said...

That's a hoot. You're like me.. only worse. It's taken me several decades to learn to like beer. I have started drinking it just these past couple of months, and tend to have about one a day, now. You have a lot of catching up to do.

Mara said...

All that drinking explains a lot about the past few months!

RV Vagabonds said...

By the end of six months, I would think you'd be making the "bitter beer" face drinking beer that old.

Diana said...

I think that you are old enough and have lived enough life to figure this out on your own!!
Last year I was cooking a dish early in the day for that evening. I found myself staring longingly at the last bit of wine in a bottle I had. It was then that I thought "Screw it, I'm a grown up!". I proceeded to pour the glass of wine while my husband looked on in a confused and concerned state. It was then, while looking into his eyes that I drank that glass of wine.
You see it was 11:30 a.m.!! And that wine tasted very good.
I remember this well because I've never done and haven't done it since. See grown ups can do that.
Bottoms up! Love Di ♥

Donna said...

Hahahaaa...I think you're safe from us calling an Intervention..

Pearl said...

I hear you. hubs and I are comic relief sharing half a pint between us and it lasting the night.