Thursday, March 08, 2012

Back Where I Started

I suppose y'all are wundrin what the Ole AC is up to ... or not.

Well ... when I closed down the original The AC is On, I couldn't seem to get Dear Ole Blogger to import those posts. I didn't want to lose them, so at the time I made a new The AC is On hosted by Wordpress. But I always thought that I might come back to Blogger, and I mentioned it at the time. Now, we have a third The AC is On site — right here. I could change it in future, but I wanted to maintain a tiny amount of continuity through these migrations.

In addition to having a generalized yen to return to Blogger, I also really like the way that the new Blogger templates present photos. Just click on one in the body of the post, and you can see it larger without leaving the page. You can also click or scroll to any other photos in that post. I don't know if you have tried this handy dandy, lil feature when hopping around from post to post, but I think it's bloomin neato, especially for a guy who likes to feature numerous photos.

BTW this is the also old Raindrops site; I simply changed the name as well as the appearance. All of the old Raindrops posts are here; it's just the year+ posts while I was experimenting elsewhere that aren't present. I could have started a brand new Blogger blog rather than revive Raindrops but decided it was unnecessary.

While I have y'all here, I just might as well show you a photo or two. Eh?

Thesha and Nikki Dee at a recent baby shower

Cuppa on porch at Wheelers a few weeks ago on a nice day despite the snow. Since then we've had more snow and some cold weather, but the past few days have been milder, and the snow is disappearing.

Antique Thresher at Wheelers

Chainsaw Museum at Wheelers. This is fewer than half the total number of chainsaws on display.

Skis on the roof at Wheelers form some poor soul who had an errant ski jump


Mary G said...

I am following you around again. Nice colour values in the chainsaw shot.

Diana said...

Well I suppose a gentleman has a right to change his mind! I love N.D. and mom look lovely A.C.
As I said before (I think) my husband would like Wheeler's. It looks like a very interesting place to hang out! Love Di ♥

Donna said...

Well, I like Blogger a bit better than WP... And photos really look better here!
Love yours by the way... Gorgeous color!!

KGMom said...

Getting dizzy moving here and there...
A Chain Saw Museum? What a rip-off. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Mara said...

Consider it changed again!

By the way, I like your new 'about me' photo.

Mara said...

Consider it changed again!

By the way, I like your new 'about me' photo.

Bernie said...

Love your photos, and hey I enjoy your post so I'll follow. I think your oldest daughter looks like Cuppa......:-)Hugs

Mary said...

AC, I always enjoy reading your posts and this one is no exception. You have a few good shots here. They brought back some great memories.

Regenia said...

I have been busy but wanted to catch up on anything I might have missed, especially any new grandchildren pictures. But when I began to read the post below this one and saw 2010, for a split second I thought I was losing it! Then, thankfully, I realized you had just explained what would be here and what would not.

1,600 posts. Wow! I won't get to read them all today.

It just occurred to me that Willie Nelson's song "On The Road Again" would work for you while you are finding your favorite spot! I like that song.

I'll look forward to some more great photographs.

Ginnie said... I feel like you're back where you belong! I much prefer this venue and I've missed the pictures. I'll be checking in real often!