Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Break Coming Up

Before Winter Came
Nikki Dee before the onset of winter

The weather is beginning to change here as winter's cold, icy fingers begin to be pried from the thermometer. At the beginning of the week, the kids were able to play in a modest snow fort that I scooped out during the previous week on the top of the mound out front of the house where we pile snow that is shovelled from the driveway. By Wednesday, the fort was gone and the pile greatly reduced by the warm weather. We were able to see more lawn than snow where we hadn't thrown shovelled snow on top.

Of course, the spring flowers will remain wisely underground for quite awhile yet because winter doesn't let go without a mighty struggle. In point of fact, it gave us a little blast last night and has presented us with a winter wonderland of freshly fallen snow this morning. However, the forecast is good, and both the new fall and more of the old stuff will be gone by the week's end.

We had a good week with the grands. Zach was in an unbelievably good mood on Thursday — just delightful. By that I don't mean that he is normally grumpy, but he was exceptional that day. Nikki Dee gets a little upset sometimes when she realizes that Zach has been over here for the day while she has been at school or that we have taken him out shopping or whatever. She hates to miss out! To that extent she suffered a little breakdown, and I promised that we would soon have her over for a sleepover. We thought that would be tonight, but Mom and Dad are heading out and will leave the kids with a sitter that they like, so we'll postpone the sleepover. Next week is March Break in these parts, so we'll have both charges to entertain, and we'll try to so a little something special with them to keep everyone happy. Cuppa and I will have Thursday and Friday off to enjoy our own tiny March Break. Yippee!


Mara said...

The daffodils had started to come out a few weeks ago due to the warm weather and then the weather decided -20 would be nice! Needless to say the daffodils didn't last. But now the temperatures are on the up again and crocusses and daffodils have reared their heads again. Spring is on its way over here!

Love the photo of Miss Purple there!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Just updated our blog to get to your new location, AC and hope this return home works well for you. Read about Nikki's meltdown and seems that time alone with both grands next week is in ord to soothe her ruffled feathers. Enjoy your mini break too.

Pearl said...

great picture of Nikki Dee.