Monday, November 08, 2010


Good Morning All

I began this blog more than six years ago. In an email newsletter, I was told how easy it was to set up a blog here. I had heard the term, blog, and was interested but barely knew what it meant. Anyway, I signed up and have been here for a long time.

Six plus years of posting tells me that most people don't stay the course for this long, so I have accomplished something.

To wit: in the recent but old Halloween template that I used for a few weeks, I counted 37 links to other blogs in the sidebar. I analyzed only to misplace the sheet where I tallied the results, but I think only six were still blogging, at least to the extent that I knew and/or with whom was in still contact. And by the time I had made that list quite some time ago, many bloggers had already come and gone — and many, many since then, of course.

So 6+ years with 1600+ entries isn't too shabby when you consider the high turnover.

However, I say all that to say this ....

it's time for me to go.

My Bloggering days are done.

But I'm not done with blogging.

I have simply decided to blog ....

... HERE.

I hope you choose to click the link and follow me. More will be explained when you get there.


Diana said...

Six years is a long time AC, I commend you. And of coarse I will follow you wherever you go , you are still in Canada right?
Love Di ♥

Donna said...

You should be proud of this accomplishment! Your children and Grandchildren...Great..Great Great and on down the line will always be given the chance to "know" you!
I only wish I had started Earlier!
And of the Ends of the Earth!Lol

Kila said...

Congrats on 6 years! It's a healthy addiction ;) 4 years 3 months for me.

Bernie said...

Congrats. on six years! Am on my way over to wherever I have to go to follow you. I will need a Jboy and Nikki Dee fix soon....:-) Hugs

JunieRose2005 said...


Well- hope you know you gave me a big scare here!!

LOL-Of course I'll follow you....although I don't like make it easy for your OLD friend here!


Berni said...

Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment. I have been blogging now for four years but have felt my interest waning a little largely because I can get out and do more stuff than I was able to do in the small village we lived in up North. Congratulations on your 6 years.

anupama said...

Dear AC,
Anupama from India!
Hearty Congrats on completing six long years of blogging! It is indeed a great achievement!
I have completed three years.
God Bless You,Friend!

Pearl said...

the drop off rate is enormous. never noticed the blogger ability to make photos pop.