Friday, March 23, 2012

The Weather and Being Under It

It's been quite a weather week hereabouts. On Wednesday, Ottawa set a new record high for March. On Thursday, we set a new record for the 22nd by mid morning.While we typically get one or two splendid days in March, giving us a foretaste of times to come, this year we have had much warm weather. Yes indeedy, we're cavorting about in summer attire and still feeling too warm.

More than once we have enjoyed our after school snack, outdoors in shirtsleeves.

The weather has made the boy very happy.

However, the rest of us have been under the weather a bit despite the fact that it has been so nice. Both Amma and Buppa have had significant colds and the girl has succumbed to an ear infection. Here, she lies on the couch with her bad ear down, frequently asking me to turn up the tv because she isn't hearing very well.

On my way home after babysitting, I stop at the lights and snap this picture of people eating in the courtyard of the restaurant. This is a common sight despite the fact that there is no view and lots of fumes at this busy intersection. A few hours earlier, a sign just beyond this point indicated that the temperature was 32°C/90°F. While I think the reading was off, it does indicate that it was pretty doggone warm. Officially the high temperature was only 27°C/80°F.


Mary G said...

Ah, sad. Poor litte flower. And poor grandparents.
Everything is way ahead of itself out here due to the record temperatures. The spring peepers are all singing; they are going to be so unhappy when their ponds skim over with ice once again.
Hope you all improve soonest.

Donna said...

Oh,goodness! Hope Nikki feels better soon Ac! Pitiful!
It IS warm up there...
Hope you have a great weekend!!
Stay well!

Ruth said...

Hope everyone is feeling better. I had to put a sweater on this afternoon as the temperature has dropped to 17C. Still pretty warm though.

KGMom said...

Wow--that's a high temperature for fair Canada on St. Patty's Day, or thereabouts.
Hope Nikki Dee perks up soon--ear infections can be so painful.

Kila said...

Wonderful to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather!

Hope the girls are better soon!

Bernie said...

And to think there are actually people who do not believe in climate change or global warming. We on the other hand had our third snow storm but it is sunny today and the melting has begun. Hope you are all feeling better AC, big hugs to all the family.....:-)