Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Room

Since you asked, I am posting the photo that Cuppa was taking as she made the comment about my messy room. Yes, it is, but I think you might agree that it is a pretty doggone crowded place. About all that could have been changed here is the pile of clothes on the chair.

The picture is blurry because the flash didn't fire, but I think you get the point. Please see the previous post for the prose version.


Mary G said...

Looks pretty close to normal to me. Why aren't there piles of paper on the floor?
How was the cake?

Garnetrose said...

My room is messy too. The rest of the house is clean but my room that I use for sewing has material, papers and patterns strewn about. Pretty much like your room. *s*

Diana said...

This is where Cuppa and I differ. As soon as Jake leaves, usually Sunday or Monday morning, I'm in his little room picking up after him.
I don't have to. It's just my nature. To clean! But he does always thank me so I guess he appreciates it.
You have a lived in room for sure. Maybe you straighten it yourself now and then. Jake never would if I didn't! Love Di ♥

Donna said...

Hahahaaaa....ok...I think you win...My room is small and square.
I wonder how we fill them up so fast with, stuff???

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for the visual, AC. It does seem a bit on the crowded side, but no less so than a couple of our rooms. To be fair, we plan to post photos and accompanying descriptions.

Ruth said...

Looks homey to me. You have to have one room like that.

Bernie said...

Ah come on AC, Cuppa has a point but I have to admit you and Zack look cozy and content in there, and the bottom line is that is what is really important.....:-)Hugs