Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 2: Mom and Mickey Dee's

On Day 2 of March Break was another, lovely, snow melting kind of day. However, we had expected rain, so our special event was planned to be an indoor one: visiting Mommy at lunch and going to McDonalds for lunch. This McDonalds is one with an indoor play area that the kids love.
The kids are dressed and ready to roll

With Mommy in tow, off we go to McDonalds. Nikki Dee is usually charging ahead while Zach tends to lag. Zach was playing Robin Hood on that day.

Lunch was consumed. At the cost of $36.57 for three adults and two kids, I hoped they liked it. Sheesh!

He smugly peers down from his lofty perch.

She obviously needs to learn how to be enthusiastic about life.
He needed consoling from Amma after he was stuck up top with a nose
that badly required wiping. What a trauma!

Not to be outdone, she was soon seeking succor from Amma after being bonked on the head.
Spirits were restored and more climbing was on the agenda.

With a clear nose, he was also feeling much better about life.

Day 3 with the kids was rainy and spent indoors at their place, so there is nothing to report, and that's it for March Break with the grands as we will be without them for the the final two days of the this holiday. However will we survive?


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi AC, enjoyed the photos and commentary on the March break. Those grands provide such great photo ops and we are looking forward to seeing ours at Easter.

Hilary said...

Cute stuff.

Bernie said...

Your lunch at MacDonalds brought back so many memories for me and I had to smile. Honestly AC it was like I was there with all of you. Those kids are so cute....:-)Hugs

Regenia said...

What wonderful pictures of both Nikki Dee and Zach in this post and the previous! I was thinking that it would be impossible to choose a "winner" were there a "Pick The Best" contest. Although, the Robin Hood and little white cape and purse picture seem to capture something extra special, I guess. You truly have beautiful grandchildren.

Donna said...

Hahahaaa....Awwwww! I can hear the crying in my head!!! Poor sweeties!
Glad it all ended well....

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You have such great looking grandchildren.

I have not been in a MacDonalds in years, I might go if I have a couple of children to take there to play.

How was the coffee. I understand the chain of chip stands has improved its coffee in an effort to compete with Tim Hortons.

Mary G said...

A kid cage - what a fine, fine idea.

Kila said...

I miss those days.

Loved the Robin Hood photo!