Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Spring Break Outing

It is Spring Break this week, and the weather man has chosen to compensate all locals who weren't able to escape to parts south. On Day1, Monday, we headed out to play and picnic at at the park. Although you will hardly be unable to notice the snow in these pictures, you may also observe a lack of winter attire. Indeed, in the first photo, there I sit with my light, spring/fall jacket unbuttoned. I imagine that there is much less snow, if any, left there today.

Coffee and timbits (donut holes) at the picnic table.

Amma is also dressed for the balmy weather.
Zack peeks thru the play equipment.

He's was in a real peekaboo mood.

Time to swing on the tire

What fun!

Nikki Dee remains highly motivated to climb trees but needs a hand up and then
hangs on for dear life, looking mighty cute all the while.

Of course, whatever sister does ....


Donna said...

Love the photos! Looks like things are heating up...Now, pass those donut holes please!Lolol

Hilary said...

Those kidlets are gorgeous. I love the first tire swing image.. the exhilaration in Zach's face is priceless.

Ruth said...

It seems funny to see all that snow when we have none. I like the photos of the children in the tree.

Mary said...

This March Break has been incredible for mild weather. We spent it at the farm and when we arrived on Friday there was, at least, two feet of snow. As of yesterday, there was hardly any!

Ben and I miss you guys so much. We're really going to have to make our way to you guys soon.

Love to all.

Mary G said...

I love the climbing shots.

Kila said...

Priceless times together :)

You know, it's been a while since I climbed a tree.