Sunday, June 20, 2010

There It Is!

Shortly after I hit Publish for yesterday's post, I turned around and saw this box on my bookshelf.

A light went on inside my foggy brain.

Sure enough the slide adapter was in the box: the box which was in plain view all the while that I was searching high and low for the holder. But, you see, I was looking for something black, which is what the slide holder is. In my locked-down state of mind, I wasn't looking for a hunk of cardboard.

I do this all the time. I will look for something with a picture in my mind, and if the object does not look like that mental picture, I will likely not see it. It could be as simple as looking for a plastic container, of a food item, say. If I am looking for red but it happens to be green, I will likely pass ineptly over it.

Is it because men are biologically disposed to be hunters? I've never hunted and never wish to, but I would imagine that one would be quite honed in on the quarry and not be stopping to check out the local plant life. I mean to say, if the hunter wasn't focussed, he would likely starve.

Meanwhile, female gatherers, would have been looking around for whatever the environment had to offer. They would have needed to be alert to all possibilities: for whatever food or useful material might be present.

That's my excuse for never being able to find anything. Does it get me off the hook (nod head), or am I simply not the sharpest knife in the drawer (shake head side to side please)?


Mara said...

Nodding and shaking here. In the right order (as suggested by you) as well...

jenniferw said...

It's just the way things are! Sometimes that's the only explanation.

Hope you are resting better. Happy Father's Day!

Diana said...

Well when my hubby goes to look for something, if it doesn't fly up and hit him in the face, he'll just walk away saying "I can't find it."!
So I am used to this. I still love him, I just find it for him.
Love Di ♥


jinksy said...

That sounds like an extremely plausible theory to me - I'd hold on to it tightly, if I were you - could come in very useful to get you off the hook again and again!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Of course, we know you always find a lost object in the very last place you look for it.,,happens to me all the time.

Pearl said...

being a visual person too, I most often picture a book's color except the cover and spine are different colors. red book, ach, but white spine right where it should be.