Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some Days Nothing is Easy

For me, with my plethora of photos, the regular posting of pictures should be easy. Right?

Some days, nothing is easy.

To wit: once again, I awoke at 4:00 AM after 4 hours sleep. (I'm getting tired of this trend, and I'm getting tired — period!) After trying my best to fall back asleep and losing the battle, I got up an hour later and began to putter: made myself some coffee; enjoyed two of Cuppa's baked-yesterday muffins; and, showered. Then, I decided to scan some slides that I had looked at yesterday morning (also at an unearthly hour) from days long past. It should be easy with my fairly new scanner, purchased for just such a task.



Do you think I could find the attachment for scanning slides? Not in your life! (I'll ask Cuppa to look for it when she gets up, and she'll doubtless find it within seconds and shake her head at me over my male ineptitude.)

Until such a time as the lost is found, I thought of this photo which I took a few months ago and knew that I hadn't posted anywhere: just a dead tree, viewable from the kids' backyard. It was March, so they all look a little dead in the photo, but the smaller ones are well-leaved now.

Durned if I couldn't get to it from Adobe Bridge: my picture folder was hiding from Bridge. Because of the format of the photo, I couldn't see it any other way, so I was flummoxed for quite awhile. Eventually, I was able to open it by hook and by crook, but it wasn't easy, and it wasn't the right way., and if I had had any hair remaining on the top of my scalp, I would have pulled it out in my vexation.

Anyway, it's just a dead tree, but it looks quite lovely as it stands there with its bare branches: lovelier than you would think from the photo.

There's beauty all around if we are ready to perceive it.

However, I'm sure I could see and enjoy the beauty of creation better if I could sleep for perhaps five hours instead of just four. Six would be really good, and so help me, I'll never complain about " just seven" again.


Diana said...

Maybe your troubles with the scanner were from lack of sleep! I hate nights like those, I walk around like a zombie all day!
Wish we had that sky in your lovely photo, it's cloudy and wet today!
Take a nap! Love Di ♥

jinksy said...

Oh, how I sympathise! Been there, done that, got the bags under my eyes to prove it. Recently it's got worse, if that's possible - I wake up about every 1 3/4 hours between midnight and maybe six a.m., with looooooong wide awake intervals each time. I'd happily swap you for your four hour stretch! :)

KGMom said...

My brother says--the song "Help Me Make it Through the Night" takes on new meaning as one ages.
Ahem--of course, for me waking up is accompanied by "I gotta go..."

Sorry about your travails.

jenniferw said...

Ah ... I hear you, friend. I too popped awake after just four hours last night. I tried to regain entrance to dreamland for at least a half hour before giving in and getting up. I looked at web sites and monkeyed with photos before setting up the coffee maker .... but then, rather than hit "brew" thought I'd try again for sleep (by now it was light outside) ... and I am thankful that I was able to slumber peacefully for a few more hours before facing my day of work.

This picture looks like giant cotton balls caught in the bare and spindly branches. Very nice. I like! Beautiful color.

Hope you get seven tonight.

Donna said...

Oh my...I know you're pooped...
Did you try to search Windows Explorer? Or click Start, Search?
I probably did all that...
LOVE THE TREE!!Hahaaa..It Is pretty....Now, go get a nap!

Mara said...

Apart from not being able to sleep more than four hours, I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt! And the next day I will be able to do it properly with a completely different program I forgot I had...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I'm also one of those who only sleep 6 hours or less; sometimes can be successful in falling back to sleep. Other times I will get up and go to the back room where my desktop PC is set up. I am not wide awake enough to actually do anything other than reading some news stories. You are much more industrious than I can be at so early an hour.

JunieRose2005 said...

AHHH-AC- I too get very few hours of sleep-almost every night, in fact! Last night may have been one of my better ones, as I got a little more that 5 hours! Some nights I may get up as many as 3 times before finally reaching the place where I can sleep!
I usually end up playing on my computer for awhile between attempts for sleep!

I like those bare branches of the tree against the blue sky and the puffy white clouds! I'm glad you found it to post!


Bernie said...

Gosh after reading your post and comments I am beginning to feel very lazy.....I think I sleep way too much.
Happy Father's Day A/C....Hugs