Saturday, June 05, 2010

In and Off

I haven't been posting much lately; it's just seemed like a lot of work. This mood occurs from time to time, and I always seem to rally: feast or famine around these parts.

But we're heading away for the weekend for a little family reunification, so I thought I should post and run. So to speak.

The Silk Lilac tree that we planted in the backyard last year is doing well; I quite love the crown of blossoms that it currently sports. ↓↓

A less telescoped view with our new birdfeeder and two hanging baskets in view. That's Nkki Dee's daycare centre in the background, but it's not quite as close as it seems as there's a road and field in between us and it. The place has two wings and her classroom is on the other side. It doesn't much matter as the outdoor area is in the centre between the two wings and not visible from any direction; it's very secure, which is a very good thing. You can also see two bags of soil lying on top on the spot where I have dug out daylillies. Guess what I plan to plant there: Daylillies — but nice ones this time. ↓↓

A closer view of birdbath, feeder and one planter. ↓↓

And just because I can: here are two pictures of Nikki Dee being studious over a pot lid and a pair of tweezers or whatever you call the implement that she is holding. ↓↓

Have a good weekend. I read of much rain in spots and much sun and heat in other spots, but for the time being, we are not being cooked, and there is cloud and rain in the forecast. While it's not the most accommodating weekend weather possible, I think we and the local environment need the break.


Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Hope you have fun at your mini-family-get-together. I can't stand mine and avoid 'em.

What a lovely lilac tree!!! Gorgeous cream blossoms.

By the way, I *used* to live in the Northwest, almost in Canada. I live out WEST now, in the desert. Nothin' but rain in one place; nothin' but sun here.

Diana said...

Your flowers are lovely as is little miss Nikki Dee! It is cloudy, humid and 90 degrees here, yuck, yuck, yuck. And not a bit of a breeze!
Love Di ♥

Lorna said...

I've just finished catching up on a month's worth of AnvilCloud, and it was a pleasure. I especially liked the post about the Wedding Waltz, and felt very privileged to hear something that hasn't been played in a hundred years. Your garden and your loved ones are looking spectacular.

Mara said...

Nicki-Dee starts to look more grown up every time you post a photo of her!

Have a great weekend with the family.

Anonymous said...

Do love the coziness of your touch of Eden. The tree is marvelous, beautiful and healthy looking, and of course little miss ND is ever beautiful.

Donna said...

We got away as well...just had to recharge!
Love the pictures!!
Hope you both had a great weekend as well...