Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Supposed Day Off

Warning: another family-first post mostly about the grands. Read at your own risk.

We had not got around to attending Nikki Dee's Saturday morning Music Together class all year, and since the semester is rapidly winding down, we decided to surprise her this past weekend.

Using a very old email to find the starting time, we found ourselves in the parking lot 45 minutes early, so we headed over to Baker Bobs for coffee, biscuits and a paper. ↓↓

Some of the best pictures, at least by us amateurs, are mistakes as is this one out of Baker Bobs window. That's ghostly me in the reflection which Cuppa didn't even realize was there when she snapped the photo. ↓↓

When we did get to class, Nikki Dee was quite excited, so much so that, according to Daddy, she didn't quite get into the music part of it as much as she usually does. She hugged me. ↓↓

And slouched all over me in a quite weird and distracted sort of way. ↓↓

We all did get into the rhythm eventually, however. ↓↓

When it was over, she wasn't done with us and preferred to go home in Buppa Car. First, however, we all walked walked along the river walkway where the silk lilac trees were in fragrant bloom. ↓↓

Apparently, she thought the old Bupster couldn't make it back to the car and required a little push. ↓↓

No sooner had we got in the car than she started babbling about going to the restaurant. We found her request very difficult to ignore, and she was quite delighted to be at A&W with the old folk. ↓↓

The next request was to go to Buppa House, which we also did before taking her home for a few hours of relief before we babysat for the night. Yes, indeed, after babysitting all week, we ended up doing a lot of the same on the weekend. Saturday night was a special treat for Mom and Dad who went out to celebrate their anniversary. Although it was extra duty for us, we all seemed to have a good time. ↓↓


jinksy said...

Nikki Dee certainly seems to have seen the joke...

Diana said...

Your ghost photo was neat AC! It was also nice of you and Cuppa to let the kids celebrate their anniversary!
Love Di ♥

Donna said...

We did the same with our grandbabies...but 15 and almost 11, there's just not a lot of babysitting to do. Enjoy them while you can. It will come to a halt soon enough...:o(

Bernie said...

I love how you both are enjoying your grandchildren so much, it does my heart good to see those children smile and you and cuppa look so happy. Great post....Hugs

Judy said...

I took a picture of the chimps at the zoo once and when I downloaded it I noticed an entire family of Amish people in the reflection. So cool. Something I never planned, nor would have done intentionally, as I don't think they like to be in pictures.

Your relationship with Nikki Dee reminds me of my husband and our oldest grandson. Words can't seem to describe it, yet pictures can capture a glimps of it from time to time.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Kinda hard to type out a the Grandbaby Sugar Shakes so know, the affliction those without grandchildren get when they see so much sweetness in a post...tee hee...I hope that if I ever do get any grandbabies, they'll be nearby, as son is making noises about moving to Uruguay...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

From the photos it's hard to know just who is having the most fun - grandparents or grandkids. I'm sure you love every minutes, even when doing double duty.

Anonymous said...

You were a ghost of your old self in that picture A/C. That was nice that you babysat. As Donna above said it will come to an end too soon. They are so precious, enjoy.

jenniferw said...

You make quite the dapper ghost! I just know ghosts enjoy coffee. And Nikki Dee could double for Shirley Temple in that last shot. Looks like a lovely day was had by all!

JunieRose2005 said...


I, so , love reading about and seeing the pics of your cute and smart 'Grands.' This post and the one below are both delightful!

Enjoy every minute! THESE are the best times of your life! (been there-done that- so I know!)