Monday, June 28, 2010

Reflections Upon A Milestone

Yes, this blogging turtle has reached a milestone — 100 000 visits after 1500 posts. Although 90 000 may come from AC himself checking things out (kidding), it seems like a good time to reflect just a little on this thing called blogging.

Just over six years ago, I read something about being able to set up a blog very easily on this site. I'd heard the word, blog, and barely knew what it meant, but I signed up. Now, six years later, I have hit the 100 000 visit mark. I know such a record does not exactly set the world on fire because most of you would hit that mark a lot sooner. Not that it matters; we blog for our own reasons, and one of mine is just to put something out there and have some people stop by to take a gander and vice-versa (which after sixty years on the planet I still want to write as visa versa, so being a slow learner I have to re-check almost every time).

I like to write, hit publish and see my thoughts and words go online, but although I like getting my words down on paper, I had trouble doing it consistently prior to blogging. In the early days of the internet I had a number of penpals — in Japan, Singapore, Australia and America — so that got me writing more, but penpalling quickly gave way to blogging once I was introduced to this forum.

We all blog for different reasons, I suppose. I do it mostly to write my stuff down. Without something to motivate me to pound out the words, it's unlikely that I would get around to it. I certainly never did it consistently BI — Before Internet. Although I write to some degree with readers in mind, I confess that I do it mostly for myself.

Perhaps I blog to leave some sort of record that I have been here on this planet. I think I hope that my musings will someday be of some insight, interest or comfort for my scions. I am not holding my breath that Smudge or Zach or anybody will really care, but what I do know is that I wish I could read thoughts from my antecedents. Sadly, however, there are none available to me.

What has surprised me in the last year or two is to come to the realization of just how much of a social networking tool blogging is for an awful lot of folk. As I have begun to select "Send Me Follow Up Comments By Email" more often after I comment on someone's post, I find myself greatly surprised by how much back and forth chitting and chatting goes on in the comment sections of other bloggers. For many, this social aspect seems to be a bigger draw than the opportunity to write: kind of a Facebook that is a lot more cumbersome and takes a lot more time. Which is okay; I'm just saying the extent of it has surprised me.

I don't know if the social aspect wears thin over time because bloggers sure come and go at a rapid pace. As I scroll down my roll in Reader, I can easily identify more than a dozen good folk who have quit or who at least post very infrequently, and I'm just referring to those who are still on my roll not to those who departed a long time ago. In this regard , just for interest, I clicked on one of my posts from June 2006 at random. Of the dozen who left comments on that post of long ago, it appears to me that six have left blogging completely, four have become infrequent bloggers, and two I can't even remember.

Although scores come and go or at least barely hang on, I imagine that I will persist for some time. While I do go through brief periods where I take a bit of break, I can't see that I would quit writing for a long time, never mind forever. No, I imagine that I will go publishing my ploddingly pedestrian posts into the indefinite future and turtle on and on as blogging friends come and go.

I blog what I'm up to and what's on my mind. For that reason, I must confess that weekly memes such as Sky Watch or Ruby Tuesday or whatever, don't hold much appeal for me. I see them as somebody's homework assignment, which I don't much care to do. I'd simply rather not have to scrabble around to find something to post for a theme that somebody else has chosen. To each his or her own, however, and if that's what keeps you motivated, I say, "More power to you."

Finally, I think, although I don't chit and chat in the comment sections as much as most, I do appreciate your visits and your own thoughts on your own blogs. I hope, whether it's for a short or long duration for you, blogging fills some sort of need for you as it does for me.


Diana said...

I noticed on yesterdays post that you were near your milestone! I tried so hard to post a comment yesterday but for some reason after trying five different times I just wasn't able to. My mouse kept acting strange on your blog. It was fine at everyone elses. Weird. So first I wanted to say that I loved the wedding photos. Who needs a pro? You took everyones photos and made a beautiful memory with them. They looked so happy and the wedding looked like a fun event.
There with that said, congratulations on your 100,000 visits! I find it hard to believe that I've been blogging since '08. Doesn't seem that long!
I enjoy visiting your blog AC. And I was one who visited about five times yesterday! Love Di ♥

Anvilcloud said...

Thanks for your efforts, Di. I wonder what was up with your mouse? I take it this has only happened the once?

Anonymous said...

Congrats A/C you are quite the photo album maker. I am referring to your previous post of the wedding. Great job. Also congrats on your 100,000 plus visitors. I appreciated your smile on my poorly constructed sentence in my today's blog. No nitpicking, sharing thoughts and smiles. Keep her going.

Donna said...

Happy Milestone To You!!
I can't remember when I found your blog or how...but I'm glad I did. I'm with you...I like to blog so I see myself sticking with it...Something for my Babies and Grandbabies to read about, the "days" of Gamma and Gampa.
Maybe a thousand years from now our bloodlines will still be reading about us! I like that thought...
Happy day Ac...

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Ac, your comments are well taken and some even identical to my own thoughts. Funny, that you mentioned penpals. In the years BI (before Internet) I exchanged letters, cards, photos on a regular basis with people in then far-off places (Malaysia, Turkey, Great Britain, Iraq, Australia, South Africa). If they were blogging today it would be great fun to "see" the changes in all our lives.

I enjoy blogging about things I've seen or am thinking about instead of items read or seen in the media (we don't watch TV so little chance of that, but then the Internet is great for news coverage). It keeps me thinking and writing and learning more. For example, before we went to this weekend's Strawberry Festival, I had no clue about the history of Marion Station, MD. However, after some research, I know a whole lot more about this little town's success and its demise...and so do a lot of others.

I don't do set topics, whether writing or photo-related. That's too much like a work schedule are not for me.

Yes, comments are great and I too appreciate when drop-ins leave reactions, thoughts, etc. I do try to reply to comments on a "group" basis and comment on other blog posts when the posting stirs a reply.

Thanks for sharing your views and congrats on the milestone...keep on blogging!

Ginger said...

Glad you keep blogging, AC. I, for one, continue to enjoy dropping by and seeing what's happening and how fast the young 'uns are growing and what's the latest in your corner of the continent. Thanks for always making it a good visit.

Anonymous said...

A milestone indeed! Congratulations
:) The Bach

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

AC, I like the change in banner photo and your own too...CHANGE is a good thing! SOmetimes I can be a little slow on the uptake because I didn't respond to the scenery change in my earlier post...or maybe you just completed it?

Anvilcloud said...

I've just been tinkering today, Beatrice. I've used the template before (it's my summer template if you will), but I made some adjustments to it. I think you saw my spring template earlier today.

Mary said...

AC, Yes, we all blog for different reasons, but for some reason I don't seem to be able to think of anything to blog about lately. Usually I blog about my garden, or what hubby and I do with the boys or on a weekend. Time spent with the boys is very dull right now. Grandma is still recuperating, but hopefully soon we will be able to do a few things. The garden is pretty much bare this year except for a few tomatoes and green peppers. Haven't even planted a flower.

Going now to find your earthquake post.


KGMom said...

Now, are you going to need an engine rebuild? You know, such as a car gets after 100,000 miles? Or some such?

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Happy Milestone!

Better to have a blogging milestone than a blogging millstone, I always say (starting right now).

Bernie said...

WOW, that is a big number....! Conratulations my friend.
I do enjoy your post, I love seeing the photos of your grandchildren and family.
I think for me blogging is the connection to people....I am not much of a writer, but I have always kept a written journal until I began blogging....but for me it is all about the people.
.......:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

Sorrry I missed your achievement. My achievement in the last few days has been to stay vertical as much as possible---got some antibiotics to help with things.

We are kindred spirits as far as the reason for blogging goes. Still, that is a big number.