Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Photos Before Photo Day

Nothing's easy in this world. For example: we (as in she as in Cuppa) put a cutesy dress on Nikki Dee for picture day at Daycare. Of course, we wanted to take our own picture because we didn't know if they'd actually get to her class that day.

But Zach wanted to be in the frame too. And they both wanted to see the picture before we had snapped it. They kept coming after us, and nothing could stem the tide until my lateral thinking, problem solving kinda gal came up with the solution: plant them on chairs.

I know I'm supposed to be doing a picture per day, or something to that effect, but I do find it difficult to stop at one. So, forgive me for these next two if you will, for I am a fairly proud grampa. I've been hiding it well, but I thought it was time to announce that fact. Ha ha.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

OK you can be forgiven for multiple photos given your grandparent status, cause as every grandparent surely know you can NEVER stop at just one photo.

Anonymous said...

You can just shoot up a storm with those 2 cuties. I love seeing their antics. Liked the hanky post too. You tricky pete you.

Kila said...

You can never have too many photos :)

Donna said...

Well, I Love the photos! The more the better...Your pics are Always wonderful! Snap away!
Cuppa is Truly intelligent!!Hahaa
She's a Keeper, Ac!

jenniferw said...

Modern kids sure know how to ham it up for digital photography! I was taking one of approximately 482 photos of Allissa the other week and afterwards she (age 26 months) said: "Cute."

Yeah. Cute. A little too cute sometimes. Nikki Dee and Zack appear to be old hands at posing. Great fun and great pics, grampa.

Diana said...

And you should be a proud grandpa! They are beautiful children! I don't mind seeing more than one photo!
Love Di ♥

Ginnie said...

It would be almost impossible to NOT photograph those adorable ones. They are meant for the camera!

Doris said...

I'm way behind in my blog reading but what a nice one to come back to. These kids are so photogenic!

Bernie said...

I love seeing the photos of these kids, they are so busy all the time and so cute......:-) Hugs