Friday, June 25, 2010

Receiving the Message

Zach is one strange child. Well, maybe he isn't; maybe it's just that other toddlers I have known have been strange and he is normal. I speak of naps. He likes them. He is beginning to let us know when he is ready.

More than once this week, he has crawled into my lap. I received the message but figured I should at least give him a fresh diaper before putting him to bed. On both occasions, when I walked past the sleeping room to the changing station, he became quite anxious and commenced to whimper piteously.

On another occasion he took Cuppa by the hand and required that she fetch his soother which had ended up underneath his crib. Since he only uses a soother to sleep, once again the message was received loud and clear.

And when he comes to my lap with puppy and blanket, even thick-headed Buppa understands that he's saying, "It's time for my nap, Buppa." ↓↓

In my experience, this is not normal behaviour. Sister, however, is quite normal — at least in this regard. ↓↓


jinksy said...

My two, as toddlers, used to make themselves cosy in a corner of the setee, wrapped in their snuggle rugs, though small son would often simply lie on the floor and sleep...Zach is obviously one who likes his creature comforts!

unmitigated me said...

BOTH of my kids loved naptime when they were little. They used to ask for it. I was always wise enough not to mention it to friends with apparently sleep-free children.

Donna said...

Not ONE child in our family liked naptime! You are Very fortunate, indeed!!
Sweet Babies Ac!!
Have a happy day!

KGMom said...

We had one of each--however, the birth order was reversed. Our son loved naps--continued taking them until he was 5. Hmmm--even today, as a quite grown adult he still likes them.
Our daughter, the younger child, did NOT like them.
Lucky you all--to have the 2nd child be the napper.

Diana said...

My grandson loves his naps as did and does his father!! It must run in the family. Do you like naps AC?!
Love Di ♥

Anvilcloud said...

I nap infrequently, and when I do they're short. I had one today, being Fried Eh and all, and I was down for less than a half hour. So my actual nap was probably 20 minutes, which is about the norm.