Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Changing Brain

It's not news that kids change a lot in a short period of time. Sometimes, however, they seem to hurtle forward between blinks.

Nikki Dee is changing ever so quickly lately. Today, she played on her own for hours: singing, chattering, making up stories. Happy as a clam she was. She would not have done this, at least not to the same extent, a short while ago.

Eventually, I leaned over the couch a snapped this picture. She had a few humanoid figures, four little horses, and a barn, and she was amusing herself to no end. ↓↓

Even to have all of the folk and critters so lined up and organized was revealing to me. ↓↓

As I said, she was as happy as a calm. ↓↓

She has sruprised me a few times lately, such as on yet another occasion today when she wanted to do a jigsaw puzzle. It's a 20-piece, large format puzzle that takes a lot of floor space. The last time we did it together, she required almost total guidance. Today, she needed a bit of help sorting through the large number of pieces, but when I'd select one and hand it to her asking, "Do you know where this goes?" she did know. Every time. Wow!

A few nights ago, she was visiting, and I brought out a book that we often look at, but, again, it had been quite awhile. One page has musical instruments, and she has always insisted that the cello was a violin. I conceded this but added that it was a big violin, and sometimes even went as far as to state that it had another name: cello. She never repeated this to me, so I didn't assume that it was sinking in.

Anyway, on the weekend I asked her what it was: "It's a big violin."

Okay then: "Do you know it's other name?" I wasn't even sure that she'd understand the question and thought it would just give me another chance to say, "Cello." But I didn't have to because she said it first. Wow again!

The human brain is an amazing piece of equipment. Mind you, for some of us, it's deteriorating apace, but it's still a change: just not one that makes me altogether delirious with joy.


jinksy said...

All of which proves going with the flow is the way to go when change happens! :)

Kila said...

She's doing well! That's awesome that she can play on her own like that.

It is amazing how quickly little ones grow and change.

Diana said...

I completely understand the last part. I think! LOL!
It is amazing how quickly they learn and change. I once read somewhere that the human brain learns more in the first two years than any other time. Weather or not this is true I am not sure.
I forgot!!!!!
Love Di ♥

Mara said...

It always surprises me how fast children can do things and what they do understand. It's great to see though.

Donna said...

Ahhhh...and thanks for letting us come along! She's a very Smart little girl! And Organised!Lol
Love it!

Anonymous said...

They are two were so different. The first could play for hours entertaining herself. The second was a different story. She entertained herself by eating the weather stripping off the door, drinking shampoo, eating black bugs...climbing the shelves of the get the picture.
Now, are you messing with my lysdexia...happy as a calm?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Children can be endlessly fascinating...were we that way too?

jenniferw said...

Sounds as though you've got an uber-smart on on your hands! What fun! I love the way she arranged those figures. Management skills! She'll need those.

jenniferw said...

Uber-smart ONE ... I meant to say. Apologies!

Lorna said...

surely you didn't expect anything other than to be totally charmed, no matter what. I love those F-P figures; they allow for so much imagination

Bernie said...

How wonderful that you are able to witness all the amazing things smudge is learning and has learned. You my friend have played a very important role in this, she is a cutie......:-) Hugs

Anvilcloud said...

It's quite a trip seeing them grow. Some days are not as glorious as others, however; in fact, she was quite whiny and out of sorts this morning.

Pearl said...

lovely to see that unfolding understanding. cognitive development is an everyday miracle.