Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Walk in the Park, Part 2

Today, I wish to drag ye reluctant hikers on part two of our epic walk along the seawall of Stanley Park. I hadn't intended to bedazzle you with a multi-part series, but my account of our marathon march was turning into a marathon post, so I decided to split it into two or even three parts, preferring to leave longer works for printed pages between covers.

We left the account with us somewhere along Burrard Inlet approaching Lion's Gate Bridge, and we were next planning to go up to Prospect Point (top red circle on the map). By this time, we had walked to the park, and along the bottom edge (see arrow #1).

As I said, since this was quite a journey for us, we often sat to rest and enjoy the view. In the next two photos we found a bench with a good view of the bridge. Cuppa remained on seated, enjoying the view while I snapped a few pictures: the first of her and looking toward the bridge; the second back in the direction from which we had walked, partly because there was some changing of leaf colour occurring.

Another trudge later, we crossed under the Lion's Gate Bridge.

At this point, just past the bridge, the horizons were beginning to expand to the open sea.

Just past the bridge, UP in the park, is the outlook that I have mentioned called Prospect Point. In theory we were heading there as it offers a fine view, overlooking this very scene. However, we were having trouble finding a way up, so we kept walking ...

... and walking ... to and past Siwash Rock ...

... unable to find a way up. Can you see our problem?

In the end we were forced to walk almost two kilometres past Prospect Point (top circle on the map below) all the way to Third Beach (second circle on the map). Part 2 of the trek is shown on the green line numbered two.

We climbed up from Third Beach, found a refreshment stand, and took this photo looking down toward the water.

It was decision time. We could leave the seawall and follow the trails back up to Prospect Point or continue along the seawall toward home. Plod onwards and upwards would add a few hours and about three kilometres, some uphill, to our quest. However, since we had visited Prospect Point in our previous visit to the park, two year ago, we were anxious get there again. We were also keen to finish the ramble around sunset, so we had time to kill ... to say nothing of our legs and feet.

... to be continued


ChrisB said...

I'm really enjoying my walk with you and Cuppa.

Bernie said...

Love your walk and your photo's, am looking forward to the next segment.....:-) Hugs