Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HOPEful Salmon

(BC trip recollections continue)

After appreciating the Hope chainsaw carvings and some of the scenery, we followed directions to the creek where salmon were said to be currently spawning. Having never thought that I'd ever see such a sight, I found myself thrilled and mesmerized. It was certainly a trip highlight for me. I took some photos, none of which worked, but the following video clip is more or less viewable.


Barry said...

Beautiful video Anvil, and great ot hear your voice.

I was struck by how clear and clean the waters looked.

Mary G said...

Nice get! Filming fish under water is tricky, but you did well.

Donna said...

Video looks Good! So glad there weren't any bears around!!!hughugs

Bernie said...

Great idea to post the video, and well done.....:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

That was great. Actually better than if you had gotten pics. I will never see that in person. Thanks for a great glimpse into that mystery of life.