Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Touring Hope

After finally (one month later) posting photos of our trip through the mountains to Osoyoos yesterday, I think I'd like to reminisce a little more. Perhaps, it's the reminiscing that's actually the best part of trips.

It seemed that not long after we were definitely in the mountains, we stopped in the town of Hope for gas, both the automotive and human varieties. (I jest: the food was fine.) Outside the restaurant, I had my picture taken beside this fine wood carving (more information to follow).

After breakfasting at lunch time and pumping both our waitress and the nearby tourist centre attendant for information, we walked across the street for a view of the Fraser River, the mountains, and more wood carvings.

Here the girls play the roll of hobbits beside a Gandalfianesque figure.

A few views from the park.

We had been told that the salmon were spawning at another nearby site, so we left to park to try to find them. On our way, we saw quite a few more wood carvings, and it is at this point that I should reveal what is extra special about these works of art, for in addition to being wonderful in their own right, I was astounded to learn that they were all carved by chainsaws. How incredible is that?! Here is a link to more photos.

Before we leave these incredible carvings behind, however, I present one of those stereotypical touristy shots. Who's that silly guy in the bonnet and the frock?

One more anecdote for the day: at breakfast/lunch, when discussing tourist options with the server, she asked if we had the book of hope. Some wiseacre at the table (guess who?) asked her if she meant the Bible. Considering where they seated us, it wasn't such a bad question (see photo below).


Donna said...

Such a Lovely bonnet, it Is!!Hahaa...fun photos!!hughugs

Bernie said...

Loved the remark at the table, I'm guessing it was D2....great fun.
....:-) Hugs

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I love chainsaw carvings. The only thing I ever managed to carve with my chainsaw was my big toe on my left foot.

Anonymous said...

A/C your new blog is amazing. I noticed the background paper first and then the rest. good job. That is interesting about the statues.

Lorna said...

That Sue has never taken a bad picture....

Mary G said...

Love the fall version of raindrops! Check your header link, however; I got a 'page does not exist' em when I clicked on it.
You take wonderful photos, btw.