Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Here I Go Again

And so it begins ...

We're back home from a long weekend away at the cottage. We consumed our turkey, saw lots of autumn colour, and enjoyed our first snowfall. Actually, we didn't enjoy the actual fall because we were asleep at the time, but it was there greeting us in the morning. Now, I'm okay with snow; it has its place — but not on October 13th. No, not then.

We took life pretty easy over the weekend: watched season three of Dexter, all twelve episodes, and two movies: Benjamin Button and Revolutionary Road. My often faulty memory informs me that they were both hot movies last year, but my reviews are so-so. I'll go along with Rev Road, which was really well acted and well done IMO: my totally ill-informed and worthless opinion. It's outlook was rather bleak, or is that black, but it held me. However, B Button was weird for me. Perhaps, I had heard too many good things and expected too much, but I really found it draggy. And the premise was ridiculous.

Oh, I don't really mean the main premise of being born old and becoming younger until death takes Benjamin — mercifully ends — cue credits and turn the video player off. What I mean is that you can't have Bennie Boy being a little baby twice. If his life is to be the reverse of normal, he can't both begin it and end it as a baby, the first time old and the second time young. Somehow, he either has to enter the world large, or end it as a big baby. We're only babies once, blast it all, so they have to pick at which end it will be. Duh.

Dexter was great though. even season three kept me on edge. I keep cheering for that sweet, little serial killer and body dismemberer. I'm like that.

But I'm not really writing at almost one o'clock in the morning to either kill time (so to speak) or to review movies.

No, I'm here to moan, groan and generally complain like the pathetic person that I am. So help me Rhonda, I just want to sleep. Since I didn't get much last night and drove for hours today, it doesn't seem too much to ask, but alas ... the sweet and tender arms of Morpheus elude me. I have even been listening to that incredibly boring book, The Hour I First Believed. Sorry Wally, but it does go on, especially the aural version because one can't revert to speedily scanning the more tiresome parts — of which there are many. Whatever! As plodding as it gets, it doesn't put me to sleep. Not tonight anyway. Sigh.

Except for last night, however, I did sleep well enough at the cottage. I get no credit for that though because I took sleeping pills. They're not all that strong, but they help. But at home, I refuse to rely on them on a consistent basis ...

... so here I am ... whining and whinging to you ... in the wee hours.

Maybe I'll write a post about being thankful sometime. It seems like the proper thing to do after Thanksgiving weekend here in The Great White North. I do have a lot to be thankful for. I know that; I really do. I'm just not feeling it tonight though.

So, I'll just sit here and continue my Pity Party.

But I do have one question: why am I more cramped in our queen size bed at home than the double at the cottage? It's crazy, but I am. And it's not just down to sleeping pills either.

It's nuts I tell ya.


Lorna said...

I can really relate to a lot of your ramblings tonight, although I did like Benjie B. After trying to convince myself to go back to sleep since 3:04, I have given in, gotten up and here I am.

I think you were very wise to see Season 3 of the Delightful Dismemberer. I'm hoping one of my kids buys it.

Dave couldn't keep up Wally's book either, and again, contrarily, I raced through it,then went back and read the first two books.

I'm glad you guys had a good holiday; we did too, but no snow ensued.

Mara said...

Haven't seen either of the movies or the series Dexter, I can unfortunately not offer up any words of wisdom on those scores.

The sleep part however is another story. I tend to sleep best in my own lits-jumeaux (Dutch name, it's a Kingsize) bed. But I only ever use half of it. Put me in a bed anywhere else (usually a single) and I have the tendency to fall out! Put me in a double and I will sleep in the middle. Make me read this post and I will not sleep at all from laughing so hard!

Hope you sleep well tonight without the aid of sleeping pills...

Donna said...

Hollywood was scraping the bottom of the barrel with Button...Not much in the way of a good movie lately. Although! I Loved Mrs Pettigrew Lives for a Day! Very English...loved it.
The sleep thing? All I know is what works for me...get up and do something physical...get out of the chair and off the couch. I'm SO guilty of these things! But when I Doget physical I notice my sleep is Tons better...Hope you find what works for you!!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear someone else agree with me on Wally Lamb's latest endeavour. I actually put the book down without finishing it and am rereading one of his earlier attempts instead.

Bernie said...

I enjoyed both of those movies, I like things that are far fetched and a bit off.....on sleeping well again I have no problem, or if I do it's that I enjoy sleeping too much.....ramble on A/C no matter the time, it's quite fun to read.
A great day to you and cuppa...Hugs

Barry said...

I'm out of touch. Maybe that's the key to sleeping well? We skipped Benjamin Button and I've yet to see an episode of Dexter.

I need to get out more.

Anonymous said...

I thought Revolutionary Road was so sad and so true. So many people have so much they don't know what they want. I have never had a lot of things and its a good thing. I always said I was glad I wasn't rich. I would have given my kids everything they wanted but nothing they needed. Hope you sleep better tonight.

jinksy said...

I thought the place to be Sleepless in, was Seattle?