Thursday, October 01, 2009

Seagull and Ships at English Bay

You will, no doubt, agonizingly recall my camera dilemma when contemplating the recent trip to Vancouver: whether to take the DSLR along with the point and shoot or not, and whether to upgrade the point and shoot. You may also recall my decision: to just take the point and shoot and not upgrade. Take it we did and have more than 500 photos to show for our troubles.

Here is one that I liked, taken on our first morning whilst walking along the Seawall by English Bay: a seagull seemingly between two ships anchored offshore (as they could hardly be anchored onshore). The original (albeit somewhat post-processed) photo comes first, followed by two of my feeble attempts at creativity. In the first attempt at artistry (second photo, below), I try to make it look more like a painting. What kind, I know not. The final image is a more outlandish take.

I know that I am not posting about itinerary or events yet. I may or may not; you must wait with bated breath see how the spirit moves ole AC. In the event, Cuppa has begun to post our doings over at her blog space. She has written three posts so far: our arrival (in a post entitled Nice to be Home), our first walk along the Seawall (After Dinner Stroll), and our second stroll along the Seawall (Early Morning Coffee).

Meanwhile D1, Thesha, also has travel plans; she's making a similar pilgrimage to the left coast in a few weeks. She has purchased a new camera. We're definitely a camera-obsessed family, but she really needed one. Really.


Mary G said...

I like the outline modification - it looks like a hooked rug, sort of. Very coastal.
So get the rest of them up, hmm?

Bernie said...

Great photo's A/C.....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

I liked your experiments AC. The second photo did look somewhat like a painting. After staring at all three I came to the conclusion that the second one was my favorite!

I am going to head on over to your wife's blog. I didn't know she had one!
Love Di

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing the number of photos this digital age allows. :-) This one is a perfect capture of the coast... my favorite place to be. I am envious of your get away.