Sunday, January 01, 2006

Frozen River and Pines

riverwood swimming hole

I am still in the mood to post pictures of our first day here at the place that we call Riverwood; it was the combination of snow, ice, and sun that seemed so wonderful. The top photo of the frozen river is where we swim in summer. We get in on this side of that little pine tree that you see on the right bank. The water is lower in summer, so it's a bit of a climb down and up for an aging bod. In spring, however, the river runs high, sometimes even over the bank. We have only been here in one spring, but, somewhere in the family archives, there is a picture of me touching the water while lying at the top of the river bank.

The photo below is at the back of the homestead area. There is a row of big old pines, and we keep a hammock back there in summer. Well, of course it would be summer — even Canadians aren't silly enough to lie out in winter. The red squirrels don't appreciate our presence much and sometimes throw pine nuts and twigs and things, but we simply chuckle with delight. Sometimes, we put a humming bird feeder back there, and the hummers will come by and and hover for a spell.

riverwood hammock row

When I trudged back to take this photo, however, it was an inquisitive chickadee who came by to investigate whether I might be carrying peanut butter. I wasn't at the time, but we later smeared some on the feeding tree out front, for who can resist a chickadee? As I sit near the window to type this, I can sometimes spot one or two flying in and out of the feeding tree. There is blue jay displaying some interest although I am sure that he would prefer peanuts in the shell.



Lora said...

It's lovely and of course I like the new template too. I have to say all the picture are making quite homesick for real winter weather, alough the 17 degrees that you have in Ottawa as I type might be a little more wintery then I'm prepared for. It was in the 80s today in Austin.

Happy New Year and enjoy your trip!

PBS said...

Nice pictures. I like Chickadees, so cute. They like to sit in the birch tree right outside of this window (have a window on my right side).

mreddie said...

To me that is such an idyllic vacation spot - I'm happy for you guys! As I have mentioned, I have to get my snow fix from pictures and in that department you are furnishing great ones. ec

Dee said...

Great pics. I keep thinking I should get out and take more but it is raining here and I all the snow is gone. Rather ugly.

Rhonda Gibson said...

Love the pictures, both the ones here and the word pictures you have painted for us. You are a very talented man.

Simply Coll said...

What a beautiful place.
Lovely photos!!

Bonita said...

Lovely photos - glad to see you are enjoying your trip.

madcapmum said...

I found you again! For some reason, I was getting the December 22 post over and over, and I thought maybe you'd skipped the country or something. Finally I hit refresh and here you are, all blue!

Lovely photos. I need to go spend some time in the bush.