Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Plans on Ice

ice on grass

Suitcases, bags and boxes lie packed at the front door, but we remain in the house.

Yes, we are all ready to go to the cottage for another winter getaway, but the weather is not being cooperative. Yet again, for about the third time in a week, we awoke to reports of freezing rain and hazardous driving. Due to mild temperatures, the roads are probably clearing as I write this, but we have decided to remain here for the time being.

You see, the forecast for the next five days to a week calls for at least some more of the same. To a large extent, we go to the cottage in winter to enjoy winter, to get out and snowshoe and feed the chickadees, not to be forced to remain weather-bound indoors. If we are to be weather-bound, we might as well enjoy the comfort of home, and postpone our trip until more appropriate circumstances prevail.

However, I have two more photos of our last trip to the country. I have already posted a number of photos of the wintry and icy landscape, but here are two more of ice on vegetation. The first, above, is simply of ice on the grass in a ditch at a roadside stop that we made. The second, below, shows ice on the branches of an coniferous tree at the cottage. They're texture photos more than anything, but I don't mind them so very much.

icy pine branch



Simply Coll said...

I think you were smart to avoid the roads. Freezing rain is one of the most dangerous driving conditions. This truly has been a strange winter as far as the weather goes.

Love your photos. Nature does such beautiful artwork.

mreddie said...

This is weird but I find myself thinking that it needs to get colder here, if for nothing else, to kill off some of the many insects. We had rain earlier but it's now 69F and overcast - the low tonight is 50F and 74F is predicted for tomorrow. If it keeps like that, the flowers will start blooming. :) ec

Bonita said...

I'd figure as you have - wait it out; you never know how other drivers will be handling the icy roads. But, as soon as I could, I'd be on my way - nothing like a cabin in the wintertime.

Christi said...

So would it be wrong of me to tell you all about how I wore shorts and short sleeves today, and put the baby in a cute little summer dress?

Turtle Guy said...

Hmm... perhaps this delay will serve to sweeten the eventual experience?

kathy said...

We are still waiting for some cold weather here in Long Beach. boring weather here i think. love your photos Anvilcloud. stay safe!

Dee said...

ah, it was in the sixties here today. About 30 degrees above normal. Very warm for this time of the year. Supposed to get colder this weekend.

Marewheeee said...

Oh No, stay home and stay safe is my motto in those unpredictable driving conditions. Being right in the rain/sleet temperatures zone is sometimes deceptively safe seeming. A cottage in winter is a wonderful thing though.
Love your photos,
I can say I love winter because for the past two winters I've spent it in Naples,Florida instead of on the South Shore of Massachusetts, where I'm from.
Your blog is poignant and cool. Ill be back Anvilcloud.

PBS said...

That's a nice picture! Icy roads are the worst. I hate driving on those!