Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Poignant Posts 5

What can I say? I bore easily: meaning that I am not going to persist with Poignant Posts, at least not on a regular basis. I pretty well stick to my regular links, so, to a large extent, the same writers would keep being recycled.

Having said that, I haven't yet mentioned Lynn at State Street who can be a very cerebral blogger. To say the least, Lynn is not a great fan of the present administration, and he writes some of his reflections in Questions of character and political philosophy and Iran: the Conservatives' Recalcitrant Child. He also writes a more personal, non-political essay in A Slight Recollection of Poverty.

I think you'll enjoy Actual Unretouched Photo's entry: All Whine. No Cheese and Just Another Day's, Saturday Soapbox, and although I've previously mentioned Heather at Fumbling for Words, please read her Polarization essay of January 12. There's something going on with her blog, and I can't seem to link to Polarization directly, so please scroll to January 12. It's worth it; this piece is going to be published in the Globe and Mail which dubs itself as Canada's National newspaper. Quite a feather in the cap. Way to go Heather!



Lynn said...


Thank you for the links and the compliment. I am very flattered as it come from a gifted essayist like you.

Turtle Guy said...

I took a trundle to Mel's page and my jaw hit the floor! I was #31! It didn't post, either, so I sent her a quick email. Thanks for the links - enjoyed at least ONE of the reads! Must run away now, much reading of another sort to do!

Be well


Heather said...

Thanks, AC, for another boost :-) I see what you mean about the problem on my blog - it seems to have appeared when I switched templates, but I have no idea how to fix it. :-(

Gina said...

Thanks, AC. And by all means everyone should run to Heather's and figure out how to read that post!

Mel said...

Hey, thanks. You are one of my first blogging friends and also one of the best people, best bloggers, best encouragers I know.