Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ice Delight

As I have already posted, the ice on the trees and branches was rather magical yesterday. When we went out for our snowshoe walk in the middle of the afternoon, we could often catch colours shining from light refracting from the ice. I probably exaggerate only slightly when I say that it was as if nature was gifting us with Christmas lights in the middle of the day.

icy branch

Of course, I wasn't able to capture this in a photo. Perhaps it's only something that the eye can see, or perhaps I simply don't have the skill. However, in the above photo, you should at least be able to see points of glittering, albeit non-coloured, light and possibly grant that I am not making all of this up.

For whatever reason there is a fence around the homestead area. I've a feeling that it's original purpose may have been to keep animals out. I have found old, rotting fences in places in the woods around here, and I surmise that at one time, they tried to raise livestock of some sort on this extremely poor soil. In any event, the following is a photo of a portion of that icy fence.

frozen river



PBS said...

Those are pretty pictures. I had to go and help my son get his car back in the driveway late last night. That made it shoveling the driveway X3 yesterday! But the night was dark, I think it's a new moon, and the slightly swirling snow made it pretty magical!

Have a Happy New Year!

swamp4me said...

Your photos paint a pretty picture of a frozen wonderland...

Fifty degrees and rain here, I'm afraid.

mreddie said...

You guys seem to take your good times with you, and that's a good thing. Again great pics - beautiful scenery. ec

Judy said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Nothing can surpass the beauty provided by Nature.

"nature was gifting us with Christmas lights" I love this quote. It perfectly describes the scene.

I wish you and yours the happiest of New Years.