Sunday, January 08, 2006

Walk The Line

The kids called us yesterday and asked if we would like to see Walk The Line with them. As a matter of fact we did want to see it, so we trundled off to our funny but lovable little theatre in the basement of what used to be a church. The little room was pretty darn full, making me glad for the old fella who keeps this delightful operation going.

For me, this was an incredibly enjoyable film. I thought that Joaquin Phoenix portrayed Johnny Cash really well, as did Reese Witherspoon playing June Carter. Not only did they act well, but they sang pretty well too, good enough to please me anyway.

To show you how much I liked it, immediately on getting back home, I fired up iTunes to look for the soundtrack. When I couldn't find it, I bought a best of type of collection. The Boy was impressed enough to insist on hunting down and purchasing the soundtrack today. The Boy is French and wasn't very familiar with Johnny Cash, but he was that impressed with what he saw and heard.

As with most of these films, it had to deal with Johnny's descent into booze and drugs, but it really was an upbeat film, and the music was a lot of fun.



mreddie said...

I had heard some good comments about the film but haven't seen it yet - I haven't even seen the Chronicles of Narnia yet. I need to get out more - even though I have been out in the garden some, hacking out brambles. :) ec

Dale said...

So many good films out right now. And so little time to see them. I do want to see this one, though. I've been a fan since I was a boy.

Simply Coll said...

This is a movie I would love to see. I always enjoyed his music and "life stories" always interest me.

Bonita said...

I'll wait for it to come to our library, then I can enjoy it in the peace of my den, without any distraction.

Debbie V. said...

This movie is on my list. I hope I get to see it before it leaves the big screen. I enjoy the feeling of being "immersed" in the story at the theater.
I need to find a movie-buddy, as my husband and daughter, like Bonita, would rather wait for Netflix.
Nice to hear your thought on it. I didn't really like "Ray" which was such a big hit, even though I have liked his music for decades. I was disppointed in the focus.