Sunday, December 11, 2005

Poignant Posts (Vol. 1)

fence posts

So, what's this, eh?

Today, I am going to list some links to good posts (get it?) that I've read in the past week or so.

In a sense, I hesitate to do this. How does one choose? Will this offend those who don't make the short list? But this past week, of all weeks, it would have been easy for you to miss these. We're all getting busier than usual, and Blogger has been having its hiccoughs (or hiccups).

Well, I trust that no one will be offended if their wonderful post was omiited because it's not necessarily best posts, just good posts — posts that I might have happened to pay more attention to than others, perhaps simply because I was more alert or less harried at that juncture than at other times. And it doesn't mean that tons of other posts weren't good. In fact, there are others that I noted this week, but, in the end, you have to choose because you simply can't make these lists too very long.

Why call it Poignant Posts? Simply because I wanted to be alliterative. Poignant can mean the following: (i) profoundly moving; touching; (ii) neat, skillful, and to the point; (iii) astute and pertinent; and, (iv) agreeably intense or stimulating. The word also has other shades of meaning, but these are the appropriate definitions.

I have put a "(Vol. 1)" after the title, just in case I decide to make this a regular feature. Not sure that I will, but I may as well be prepared.

Here we go, without comment: just a list.

Well, I strove to limit the list to five from a starting point of eleven and was eventually able to pare it to six.

Is this sort of thing of any use to anybody? Is it something to continue doing from time to time, or is it simply a waste of bandwidth and your/my time?



George Breed said...

Anvilcloud, I vote YES! I read each of the six and am better for it. This is a public service. Thank you!

Cuppa said...

I give this idea two thumbs up too. I look forward to more Poignant Posts!

Bonita said...

I agree - thumbs up to a great idea. As bloggers we read a lot of material every day, with the intention of encouraging people to write, express their truths, and to share.

Dale said...

Absolutely! It's a brilliant idea and I fully support it ... as long as your list includes a link to my blog. LOL!!

Madcap said...

I like having some of the footwork done for me, Anvilcloud! Now I can just click and find a juicy post - thanks! Yes, do make the "Poignant Posts" a regular feature.

Christi said...

Thanks for saving me all the traffic by not listing the BEST post!

Dee said...

Wonderful idea. I like the photo too. I think winter is a lovely time of the year as long as I don't have to drive in it. *s*

Meadow said...

I'm always slightly puzzled when people leave the "good post" or "great post" comments. It's as if my posts have been submitted for recognition or approval, LOL. Maybe if I were a professional blogger, I would see it that way.

Paul said...

AC, an great idea and excellent choices. I hope you continue with volume 2.

Valerie - Still Riding Forward said...

Thank you for including me this week on your first list.

You sent me several new readers and Cuppa left me a note!

Enjoyed all the other links, too. Go for it!

Judy said...

Hey! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed reading the 'good posts' that you listed. I think it would make for a great recurring theme. The only drawback for me... I have now used up all of my alotted "blog time" and must return to real time and clean this dusty house :-).
I will be back.