Sunday, December 18, 2005

Poignant Posts (Vol. 2)

fence posts

Comments seemed to be positive last week, so let's try another edition of Poignant Posts. In passing, let me mention that I happened to note twelve titles this week, and I'm sure that I mentally noted and forgot about a few more when I didn't have my notepad handy.

I am always quite impressed with what Paul at Wondering has to say. He is regularly able to write essays that demonstrate wisdom and clarity. Two, among others, this week were: Touch and Fear.

If you haven't already done so, you might also like to read Spiritual Power by Warrior Geezer.

For a little humour, read Tampon Tilly at gemmak's BLOGS. If you like cats and cat photos, take a look around her blog. She has been posting a lot of pictures and accounts of her new kitten, Tilly.

Now what? Many more possibilities — one more space. Okay, try To What Extent Are We Truly Able to Forgive? at Human Nature Nuggets.

Having prepared the above, I found that my daughter has just posted Hope is a side road. As you will be able to gather from her words, Butterfly's path has lately been strewn with pebbles small and boulders large. And so it warms this dad's heart to read Hope is a side road.



Bonita said...

I enjoyed your daughter's "Hope is a Side Road", as my daughter, too lives each day reviving enough hope to carry the day. Our children have such high expectations,such high hopes. I liked her comment:

But sure as the sun will rise, so will hope. It'll be a whisper at first ~ but it's there."

Dale said...

Yes, AC. Her post warmed my heart too. You have a family of talented writers, my friend.

mreddie said...

Read your daughter's post and you have every reason to be proud. ec

PBS said...

I like your post! Also will go and check out the links later, maybe tonight if I have time, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your daughters post was lovely. She has a good heart .. it is evident in her words.

I am off to check out your recommended postings. I love a good read.

Madcap said...

Another good bunch! Thanks!

Gina said...

Thanks for the compilation, AC.