Saturday, December 10, 2005

Deer Friends

Before I leave this series, let me post two final photos of my deer friends. Taken in rapid succession, they show two deer trying to deal with apples. The one is still trying to grab hers, while the other is trying to figure out what to do with hers. Apparently, this necessitates a lot of leg action.



Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the deer pictures. We lived in the wildlife preserve my dad managed when I was a kid and these pictures really took me back.

Anonymous said...

Love photos A/C. It must have been wonderful to be so close.

Bonita said...

Wish I could photograph deer that close - they tend to be fleeting images.

PipeTobacco said...


I have just found your blog through seeing your comment on Unconventional Ideas. Come read my blog and see. I think we share similar ideas. If it is acceptable, I would like to link your blog on mine.


Melodee said...

Those are healthy looking deer! We had two in our ivy recently, but they were kind of flea-bitten and scrawny looking.

Rhonda Gibson said...

Love the pictures of the deer! Thanks for sharing them.