Friday, November 27, 2009

Early Celebrations

While Cuppa has had the place decorated for almost two weeks now, and we have been beginning to listen to Christmas tunes, our seasonal celebrations kick into a higher gear this weekend. D3 arrived from Vancouver last night, and D2 will arrive within the next hour or so. (The staggered arrivals due to the fact that D3 was already in the city for a conference, and that D2 hasn't been able to travel until today.)

Our very Jewish D3 loves joining us for our Christmas and has been listening to Christmas songs whilst decorating Christmas cookies all afternoon. Cuppa set up the artistic D3 for this activity last year, and she so loved it that she could hardly wait to do it all again. The ultra talented Puff does an amazing job and keeps her own tradition alive by decorating some of the cookies with a Hanukkah theme. Cuppa posted some pics of last year's efforts.

You see, the girls won't be here for Christmas this year, so we're ramping up the festivities early. Tomorrow, we will all take part in the annual Anvilclan trimming of the tree. Music will be playing, and we'll be snacking of the kinds of munchies that we usually enjoy on Christmas Eve. While the turkey and presents will wait until the 25th when we'll hold separate observances (one on the west coast and one here), we have chosen to celebrate as much as we we can this weekend.

And that's the background story for changing my template today.


Bernie said...

Enjoy the beautiful Christmas Spirt with Daughters 1 - 3, bake, trim and just have fun while you ae all together......:-) Hugs

Lorna said...

I can only say, "Ho, ho, ho!" but I can say it better than the Leon's guys. enjoy your Part One.

Queenmothermamaw said...

Hooray for red and green. All is looking good.

Mara said...

Well, whatever the reason: your blog looks good!

Enjoy your pre-Christmas!

Donna said...

Well, whatEver the reason, I hope you all have a Wonderful early Christmas weekend!!
I Love the early arrival of the Christmas Template!!!hughugs

Barry said...

Love your new background! Very festive.

We're putting up our outdoor christmas lights tomorrow and just brought two deer for the front lawn (that have to be assembled).

Ruth said...

Fall must be officially over. Enjoy the time with family. It doesn't matter when you celebrate, it just matters that you do celebrate.

Woman in a Window said...

Your template is perfect. Think I first found you with your Christmas template last year, or was that the year before?

Oh, it was D3 doing the decorating...brilliance then with more than a dash of patience.