Monday, November 09, 2009

Devilish Details

Most of you would probably agree that it wouldn't be easy for a normal person to mess up (I confess to wishing to use a different and stronger four-letter word than mess) the instructions for cooking oatmeal. So, let me tell you how I did just that this morning.

My recipe calls for 3/4 cup of water, 3/4 cup of apple juice and 2/3 cup of oatmeal along with a pinch of salt and a 1/4 tsp of cinnamon. It's not difficult, is it? However, since it's been awhile since I made it, I was forced to refer to my notes. The thing of it is that I have two columns, one for a serving of 4 and one for a serving of 2. Can you guess the rest? Yes I added the fluid for 4 and the oatmeal for 2.

It's no big deal; I simply tossed and started over rather than endeavour to amend. But it does illustrate a recurring weakness of mine — not being able to focus on the details. It's the way I am, and since the devil is in the details, I often have a devil of a time with supposedly simple tasks. Let me tell you that I don't feel terribly clever when I do something like this, which means that since I frequently do something like this, I seldom feel very clever.

One thing that usually helps me to feel a teensy weensy bit clever on Monday mornings is the one-star Sudoku in the morning paper. I can usually whip through it in no time flat without even resorting to making little notations. However, since I was trying to complete the Sudoku concurrently with (ahem) messing up the porridge, I managed to mess up the puzzle as well. Yesterday morning, I was able to do the five-star puzzle, but this morning, I flubbed the one-star.

So, now I really feel dumb and wonder if it's good or bad that it's Monday. Does this morning presage a bad week, or can it only get better?


Diana said...

This is why I stick to the instant!
Love Di

thailandchani said...

On the rare occasions that I want oatmeal (really rare since it looks .. um.. unpleasant.. to me :), I buy it at Starbucks. The instructions are never clear and they usually put a disclaimer. "This may or may not work for your particular microwave/stove/geographic location/etc."


Mara said...

Wouldn't it just have been easier to write down the recipe for 2 servings and then for the 4 servings: double amount! Or is that too easy?

Pearl said...

that's why I always cook with a pencil -- I write the changed measurements in a column so I don't do half and half like that. sometimes i even remember my system and it works.

Bernie said...

Oh how I can relate, as I too find myself not paying attention to details as I "think" I am in a hurry....oh well now I just add boiling water to a package of oatmeal which instantly taste wonderful on cold mornings....Hugs

jinksy said...

Kitchens were designed to test our powers of observstion at all times. Sad thing is , they do just that!

Have you ever made a cup of instant 'coffee', only to discover you used a spoonful of gravy browning?! I can tell you, it's one recipe you will NEVER want to write down to make again.

Queenmothermamaw said...

A/C my philosophy is to go somewhere, where your self-confidence is validated. You can't be saying you are goofing up all the time. That is what happens when you retire and leave the place that occasionally gives you a pat on the back even when you goof up.

Mary G said...

For me, it is committing to do something and then forgetting to do it. You feel about the size and colour of an inch worm.
This morning I went to a meeting that I thought was scheduled for Friday - of course, no papers, review not done, duh.
Putting the oatmeal for four into liquid for two is not too good either.
Name it, I've screwed it up.
I'm glad to find myself in such good company.
Nice take on the sunset pic.