Sunday, April 28, 2019

First Spring Flowers

Another dull day yesterday, but our neighbour has some spring flowers in bloom, so I ventured across the street with my macro lens to see what I could see.

But first, I photographed the potted tulips in the dining room, which are just beginning to open. I did this sans tripod.

Only then did I head across the street. I was hoping to photograph some crocuses, but those few blooms were closed pretty tightly. Then I spied some scillia in amongst the heather, so I decided to give it a shot . . . so to speak.

Spring flowers are so low, that I couldn't get low enough to suit with the tripod, but I wasn't about to try to lay my old body down on the cold ground — maybe on another day, but not yesterday. It was quite windy, and even those low plants were blowing about, but I set a fairly high shutter speed and clicked away regardless.

Upon returning home, I took a few more exposures but using the tripod this time. I may actually like the handheld photo better, but it's all fun.

Meanwhile, our water levels remain high, and some evacuations have been necessary. With various municipalities and organizations involved, sandbagging and other efforts have been very hit and miss. What I mean is that there is no one umbrella organization to oversee relief efforts.


Tabor said...

Love he lighting and great work sans tripod. That is me...lazy.

Barbara Rogers said...

How lovely the blooms are with your lens almost kissing them! Glad you were able to capture the quick view with wind...I get some great blurs when I try with my phone! I do have a camera that can supposedly take other shots, but it is an idiot's camera, without speed or f controls, just a dozen kinds of shots (sports, portraits, close ups, nighttime, etc.) I prefer the lightweight and automatic phone camera usually.

Should Fish More said...

Ha! Going to Mumbai soon, AC?
Nice photos, a comfort to me as I sit here on a Sunday morning watching it snow like the middle of winter.

Joanne Noragon said...

Plenty of warmth in those poor, cold blooms. Interesting take on water relief. It may be bigger than you think. Every governmental unit is involved, I'm sure, from the local town authorities who supervise ditches to larger units in charge of bridges, for example. Bridges are too important and knowledge specific to be assigned helter skelter to very local officials, and very local officials know every home and its potential to be flooded by lack of good infrastructure like ditches, culverts.

Mage said...

I see Mumbai Escorts have found you too.
Yes that top photo is the best. You might consider cropping it a little tighter. What wonderful things bulbs are.

Marie Smith said...

Love that top photo!

troutbirder said...

Our Canadian bloodroot now carpets our wood in bloom and the daffodils as well, despite four inches of snow and rain on Saturday...:)

William Kendall said...

Perhaps a meteorite can do us all a favour and hit the Mumbai spammer?

Very pretty.

Jenn Jilks said...

These are delightful!
I've been happily playing in the dirt.