Saturday, April 20, 2019

Caturday 2

Lacey is an aloof puss although you wouldn't think that from these pics.

She loves her treats, and I have used them to get her comfortable to be with me on my recliner. This remains the only spot where she will visit a lap, but I get protracted visits both morning and evening.

She accepts petting here and even seems to enjoy it. But pretty well only here although I can get away with little petting in a few other spots.

But in this chair, she will snuggle down for quite a long time.

The main problem with this is that she pins down my right arm each and every time, which is limiting. In the first pic below, you can see my right hand, for I am right-handed, struggling to access the keyboard of my tablet. It's a recurring theme. You can't see it in the photo, but there is a little table on the right where I can keep my coffee among other things. But, oh no, I can't get to it and must revert to putting it on the floor to my left.

When I was first taming her, I would put a treat on my shoulder, and she would retrieve it. It remains a goto spot.


Tabor said...

So how did you get the photos? Remote control? Cats are smart and she knows that she is blocking your computer work.

Barbara Rogers said...

Lacey is adorable, and has trained you just think you trained her. But if you had, wouldn't you have her sitting on your left arm at least! Nope, she sees that right arm is the target which does most of your work...and she wants it all!

Marie Smith said...

You trained her to the wrong side. She’s a beauty though!

William Kendall said...

Yes, I think she's trained you well.

Mage said...

I'm sitting here grinning. You might add another small table on the other side. LOL

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I was also wondering how you took the photos or perhaps you enlisted Sue. You and the cat look quite the best of pals.