Monday, March 12, 2012

Old and New

Our new bed arrived last week, and, ever since then, Cuppa has been busy getting everything in order. For now, at least, she has decided upon various old adornments that we've kept all these years. Some, as in the case of my grandmother's cross-stitching and embroidery, are quite old indeed, perhaps a century or more. I think this tie to the past is just great.

The actual bed is another story, which I am not up to the telling right now. Let's just say that it does not meet expectations.

My grandmother's cross-stitched pillow cover. A bedspread my mother bought along with an afghan that she crocheted.
A closer look at my grandmother's cross-stitching.
Cuppa's aunt crocheted the afghan on the chair upon the birth of Althegal almost 34 years ago. She had made one for Thesha six years earlier. We still have that one too.
We step across to the guest bedroom to find more treasures, and this is a good one. My grandmother embroidered this, probably about a century ago.
Not ancient, but special, is a quilt by Cuppa's friend: totally hand-made. Remarkable.
And just because ... looking out my den window on Saturday morning
after it snowed in the night. The forecast says that it will soon be gone.


Mara said...

My grandmother used to do a lot of cross-stitching/embroidering as well and my sister has taken on that gene (it's skipped me completely). My grandmother never embroidered anything for me, but I do own two bedspreads that she crocheted (another gene that passed me by entirely). Unfortunately they are for single beds and I have a large king size now, but I still use them to keep my feet warm.

Dianne said...

I love the treasured keepsakes in your bedroom, as I am especially a fan of quilts & cross-stitch. Learning to make crafts was a gift from both my grandmothers, and it's a great way to remember them! Hope you get wonderful restful sleep on the new bed...

Pearl said...

looks lovely. I'm a fan of quilts.

Mary said...

AC, Love all the handmade accessories. I love making quilts and Mom has made me a couple of them as well. They are so comfy and warm. Your grandmother was a talented woman. I also have several afghans that I've made. I hope that when I'm gone someone will value these as much as you value yours.


Garnetrose said...

Very nice. I love the quilt. I have thought of attempting one like that but maybe next time.

Donna said...

All these things are beautiful!
And I hear some...angst concerning the bed? Alright, what happened??

Ruth said...

That is one big bed! Love the beautiful handmade items. I am afraid handwork like this is becoming a lost art.

Hilary said...

Sorry that you're not pleased with the bed but those sure are some beautiful pieces.

Mary G said...

Beautiful. I hope the bed improves with time.

Cindy F. Adkins said...

So many beautiful things to be treasured! That quilt is gorgeous and the embroidery picture of the basket and flowers, too! My mother did outstanding embroidery. I have several pillowcases she did. I'd like to figure out a way to frame them.

Kila said...

What special keepsakes. Makes a home more cozy.

What's wrong with the bed?