Saturday, May 08, 2010

Here's to Red Trilliums and Twisted Sisters

Raining and cold on a Saturday morning at 6:15 when I've already been up for almost an hour. These days, my odd sleeping patterns continue to be odd but in an upside down sort of way. To wit: instead of going to bed late and having trouble falling asleep, I am going to bed early and having trouble staying asleep — at least past an unearthly early hour. In fact, I almost didn't sleep past about 2:30 this morning but did manage to get a few subsequent, fitful hours of repose. In the event, I'll probably be very tired tonight and go to bed earlier, which means that I'll likely wake up even earlier tomorrow morning.

Cuppa and I will go out for Mothers Day breakfast sometime this morning. Depending on whether we think today's or tomorrow's weather will be worse, we'll then head out on a studio tour. You see, today calls for rain and tomorrow possible snow, so we're kind of between the devil and the deep blue sea — if you'll permit a metaphor that doesn't seems to fit too well when we're talking rain, snow and cold. Whoda ever thunkit that we'd be longing for March weather in May? Really: March and April's weather were preferrable to what May hath wrought so far.

Aside: would it be to much to ask to be able to see the cursor in the Blogger compose box? What happened to that thing anyway. Editing becomes a mug's game, especially when you're the world's most hapless and abysmal typist and must edit frequntly.

You should know that the studio tour that we're going on is the Red Trillium Studio Tour and that we invited Lorna to come along. Apparently, she preferred to tour France instead. The nerve. In fact, she just posted her first post from France at a MacDonalds in Paris [sic]. Both Cuppa and Lorna are jewelry freak-mommas, which is highly appropriate for Mothers Day weekend, and Cuppa wished to introduce Lorna to the marvels of Twisted Sister jewelry (get it: she twists metal into jewalerific shapes that please ladies to no end?), which is a stop on the tour, and really the only reason that we plan to do this particular tour — for the ninety-fifth time.

If all goes according to plan, AC will dip into his limitless pocket book to purchase a glittery bauble for Cuppa's Mothers Day gift. He'd better do it too since he has managed to lose the card that he purchased just two days ago: the one that Nikki Dee promptly bent, and the one that he then hid ever so cleverly.

It's now 6:30. Do you think I should go in and wake up her sleeping beautiness, so that she can get an early start on her MD weekend? No, I didn't think so. We wouldn't want to slip an a between the M and the D in our Mothers Day abbreviation, would we?


Anonymous said...

Hope you and cuppa have a Happy Mother's Day. Sounds like you have a plan. It is cold and rainy here in Hoosierland also. But, let's have a great weekend anyway!
:) The Bach

Mara said...

Never really got the baubly 'tic', I prefer the book shop! I can spend hours in there...

Have a great day tomorrow!

Diana said...

It sounds like a fun Mother's Day to me! Love Di ♥

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan. Our weather is not a lot better. No snow but wind, wind, wind, rain, wind, wind. Went to a luncheon today that was planned for the outside porch and had to move inside. It is hard telling what we will find in the yard up against the fence in the morning. Blessings to you both.

Donna said...

Hahahaa...those pesky gift cards...
and SNOW? Again? GoodNess!
I've also been waking up too early but when that happens, I turn on Coast to Coast AM on the radio. They Always have someone good on...
Glad you let her sleep!Hahaa

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

You are in rare form! Evidently lack of sleep does not dull your wit!

Hope your weather gets better. Ours is awful, too (for here).

Mary said...

AC, the Mother's Day card will show up, I'm hoping before tomorrow. Putting things in a safe place seems to be dangerous at our age because they seem to vanish into oblivion.

Sounds like a fun tour. Enjoy and try to stay warm. We're freezing down here.


Bernie said...

Your Mothers Day plans sound great, I am sure cuppa will love it.
..........:-) hugs

Ruth said...

I never got a jewelery gene but sure can find other ways to spend money. The disappearing cursor strikes me too lately.