Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photos From Laos

My niece and nephew are travelling in Asia for a number of months. They taught ESL in Korea for several years and are exploring Asia before returning home and going back to school. They recently trekked in Northern Laos and took some great pictures, which I'd like to share with you. I've embedded the Flickr slideshow below but recommend that you go to Flickr to view it larger. There are some great portraits. You can read the account here.

Recommended: Watch larger on Flickr


Anonymous said...

That was quite impressive. Some great pictures for sure. I love to know folks who have traveled all over the world. She should submit some of those to National Geographic Magazine.

Anonymous said...

Amazing portraits of the people in the places they have traveled. They have caught their essence and their light.

Donna said...

Great shots Ac!!

luna pie said...

This really is an amazing set!

Bernie said...

I think it is wonderful, they teach and now are travelling to places many of us only dream of.
Thanks for sharing the video A/C, so enjoyed it......:-) Hugs