Monday, May 24, 2010

Anniversary Weekend: Monday

Day three of the long weekend did not go as planned. The main planned event was to dust off our bicycles and take them for a spin. Although we managed to dust them off, we did not manage to ride, partly due to July-like heat and partly due to Cuppa's health issues.

First, the poor lady woke up with a migraine, not as bad as some, but it was still a migraine. She could feel it coming last night and tried to head it off by taking some aspirins at bedtime. That probably helped to mitigate the attack but couldn't block it completely. She did manage to make it out to breakfast, which was our other planned celebratory event for the day, but with the heat also factored in as well as her cold returning to full vigor, she pretty well folded after that. Poor thing.

However, we did get out for breakfast, and we did get the bikes ready for action. I was also able to get some garden work done by planting the last of our annuals and doing some weeding, watering and amending of soil. I sweat a lot in the heat. That's good for me — I think.

Speaking of gardening, our beautiful Asiatic Stargazer Lilies have been invaded by Red Asiatic Lily Beetles. Somehow, these miserable insects found their way to North America to munch on our lilies. Unfortunately, they have no natural predators in these parts, and the best defense seems to be to pick them off by hand and squish them. Until then, they keep chowing on the plants until there is nothing left to chow on.

All that being said, it was a lovely weekend although when the temperatures rise to 30°C/86°F in May in Canada, one suspects that a long, torridly hot summer looms. I guess we're due after two somewhat cool and rainy summers, but good golly miss molly, couldn't we just enjoy a pleasantly warm one?

Ah well.

Many thanks, by the way, for those who have stuck with these posts; they are very chronological and uninspired but they're there as a record of sorts. I don't like writing in such as pedantic way such as (i) we did this, and (ii) we did that, and then (iii) we did this and that, but sometimes it's all that I can manage.


Anonymous said...

Well A/C I like the creative memes. Maybe you could join us at Magpie Tales or Creative Tuesday. I helps to have sometime to give a try at for a new perspective.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

I don't have the heart to kill any bugs or caterpillars (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE HORRID PUSS MOTH), so I just throw them over the fence. And have chewed-up plants. I don't think there is a sound leaf in my yard. Some kind of lil' locust has descended on us and is even eating the mint.

Mara said...

Well, at least the beetle seems to stick to his own: Asian beetle, Asian lily!

Hope Cuppa feels fine soon again though, so you will be able to enjoy a day (or more) out on your bikes!

Barry said...

Your posts are fun and inspiring and I would change a thing.

Hope cuppa's feeling better.

Donna said...

Happy 41st Anniversary! Sorry to have been lax in my reading lately...not a good week.
Love the photos and even the bug shot looks great!

Bernie said...

I enjoy all your post A/C, I truly hope cuppa is feeling better, a summer cold is the worse....Hugs

Kila said...

I haven't seen that bug before.

Sorry the weekend wasn't what you'd hoped for.

What's wrong with pedantic?! ;)

Mary said...

At least the beetle makes for a good picture!

Happy anniversary to you and Cuppa!

Ruth said...

Yours is the second post I read today about these destructive beetles. The other blogger dug up her lilies, rinsed the roots in hot water to get rid of the bugs, and replanted them. I took a picture yesterday of a robin eating one.