Monday, May 03, 2010

Not So Significant Anniversaries

I checked out the "How Old Are You?" calculator that Ruth mentioned in her post about worship. This is what it calculated for me.

My two billion second birthday will occur in January 2011. I am giving you lots of warning: lots of lead time to consider and send appropriate gifts.

I also learned that I will die on August 02, 2028 when I am 81 years old. Actually, this calculator assumes a life span of 81 years for everyone. Eighty-one seems good to me right now, but I suppose that if I make to 80, I might not be so sanguine about it.

I am posting this because I am too lazy to think of something clever to say and because you might like to check out the site too.

PS: I do kid a lot, but I think you could at least send a sympathy card to Cuppa come August 18 years hence.


Ruth said...

lol! 62 is the smallest number on the chart and it looks good. 81 healthy years would be a fine goal.

Pearl said...

that's a handy little tool for numerophiles like me.

Donna said...

Ain't Happening...I have it on Excellent authority, that you're Not crossing until you're start planning on keeping your..Great Great Grandchildren...Hahaaa...Really!

Mary G said...

Grandkids keep you young - they need you to be around when they graduate, checkbook in hand.

And I find 62 to be a tad young -- you're not even a senior yet!

I am not looking up my seconds - too big a number for me to carry around.

KGMom said...

Well, a goal is a goal. My dad aimed for 90, which he reached last year.
He promptly announced he had changed his goal--to 100.

Diana said...

Oh I can picture you much older than 81! I don't want to go to that website, those numbers are waaaay to long for me! LOL! Love Di ♥

Anvilcloud said...

Diana: I know it's not what you mean, but there are days when I feel much older than 81.