Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Found: Stop Fretting

A personal message to y'all about me finding hankies. Except that I mistakenly call them kleenexes in the vid. What can I say, I was so excited about the project. :)

Before you view, if you do, turn the volume down as I had my mic set too high. That was because it wasn't cooperating at all at first, and, to my chagrin, I had recorded a few silent clips. So, I over-compensated. But despite the sound and calling them kleenexes, I didn't want to do it again. After all, we're just talking about kleenexes here ... er ... I mean, hankies.

Watch on YouTube


Bernie said...

Glad you found some hankies, like you it has been a while since I have even seen them even in the stores...Hugs

Mara said...

Loved the video! And I am glad you found some hankies. I am just wondering about the one on your head. You were only leaking from your eyes weren't you??

Donna said...

Hahahaa....this was SO flippin Funny!! So glad that you have the gear you need to travel onward...Hahahaa...You Know we would get you what you need!! You might still need more...?!!Hahaaa
gads....funny....loved the one on your head!

Diana said...

The computer ate my comment again! What I said though was, you are very cute AC, and I am not flirting . I don't want Cuppa coming after me!

So glad you found your hankies! I have several beautiful ones from my grandmother. Certainly not suitable for a man however, WINK,WINK !!!

Love Di ♥

Ruth said...

I remember having to iron my father's handkerchiefs every week at home. They will be great for dabbing your eyes, but I do remember how disgusting they were if used for a cold. Hoping there is an easy fix for your condition.

luna pie said...

hahaha, you are funny (in a good way), Uncle!