Sunday, May 09, 2010

I Hold My Next Vacation in My Hands

There is a high cost to be paid for being afflicted with certain conditions.

I first had my hearing tested shortly after the age of 40, when all seemed not to be as it should. It was then deduced that I didn't yet require hearing aids. Several years later, however, when a class laughed at my answer to a certain question, I knew that I had misheard the question and given an inappropriate answer.

My next hearing test revealed what I had suspected: that I was due for hearing assistance.

That was four aids ago. They only last for about five years, give or take.

The pair that I had been wearing was seven years old, and both aids had already been repaired once, and I knew the end was nigh and planned to get a new pair this year. I wasn't quick enough, however, and one device quit working before I was able to implement my plan. Oh, I could have had it repaired at a cost of $400, but they would only guarantee it for six months. On top of that, I figured the other one would likely give up the ghost at any time.

So, here's the result.

Yes, I have two new hearing devices, so I should, more or less, be set for another five years.

The price ... are you ready for this? ... $3000.

And this is the basic, no frills model. A pair of top-end hearing aids would cost at least double that amount.

It's nice that our provincial government will chip in $500 per device, but two thousand smackeroos for these little, fit-in-my-hand-easily suckers is still a mighty big expense — and one that will crop up again every five years or so until ... until you know when.

Compare one to the size of my thumb.

There is a high cost to be paid for being afflicted with certain conditions.

Consider that our first car cost slightly less than this tiny, little pair of cuties.

That's the equivalent of two round-trips to the West Coast for two ... or one very, very fine camera.

But it beats saying "Eh?"all of the time. I guess. Eh?


Donna said...

Fainting and falling Backwards here Ac!!! My WORD! I think I'll just say "Huh?" and use the money traveling to all those exotic climes!!! Geez...
What a Great camera that Would buy!Hahaa...but then again, I think a camera is only as good as the person behind the lens...I've got a great Canon and Still am not using it properly...
BTW, Hubby cooked for me this morning...Hahahaa

Mara said...

Eh? Three thousand dollars? For a pair of those tiny thingymebobs? Jeepers, I could have bought half of Paris with that...

Hope your hearing has improved again though.

Doris said...

OMG! I was shocked by that price! A cousin of mine once told me about his new hearing aids and all the adjustments he could make with his remote control device as the ambient noise levels changed. I wonder what those cost!?

Bernie said...

I knew these were expensive A/C, but if it helps you to hear those sweet little voices of your grandchildre....pricless....Hugs

Diana said...

Holy Cow did I hear you right? Perhaps I need an aid, never mind they are too expensive! But as Bernie said it's good to be able to hear those beautiful grandchildren with.
I just had a hearing test done and was told that my hearing was better than most people. Good news with everything else that's falling apart LOL!! Love Di ♥

Ruth said...

ADP subsidizes 75% of the cost of wheechairs and walkers and I do the paper work frequently for my patients. I don't understand why they do not cover more of the cost of hearing aids. Many people cannot afford them and miss out on much of life as a result. The units are so small now that tiny batteries become a problem to change. My b-i-l got a hearing device at Walmart that looks like a Bluetooth receiver. It cost $35 and he says it works better than his hearing aids.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Gosh, I guess out in Texas we hear a lot of bullcorn about Canada. I thought everything medical-related was free up where you are. Can you get any extra money to help pay for those aids? Try for disability if they have it there -- that is so expensive to replace every few years.

Anonymous said...

Eh, did I hear you right? $3,000.00 dollars? I think I will just not have a test done even though I notice my self turning my left ear towards folks when they talk to me. Sure hope they don't break on you.