Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden Report

Last year, I posted about my attempts to start a garden, and I've already mentioned it once this year. I think I'll give you an update every now and then.

The daffodils are all done: deadheaded the last of them on Sunday. But just as appreciated by me are the purple ground phlox that I've placed at the front of the border. Experience tells me that these are very hardy plants that will grow and expand as much as you will let them. On top of that, they're evergreen, so when the flowers fade, as they soon will, the plant will remain. Dig through the snow in winter, and the plant will look back at you and wonder why you're disturbing its rest.

Do you remember the mystery plants at the back, behind the tree, from an earlier post? I am worried because the leaf tips have yellowed, but at least we know what they are now — allium. Looking at the picture below, the plant will soon be in bloom. I saw them at a local nursery last year, and when I came across some bulbs last fall, I had to try a few. I just forgot what they were for awhile. I could find pictures of them in bloom on the net, but I'll wait and post my own at a later date.

There is a dead plant in the middle of the garden that I won't go into detail about now, but I suspect a cat has done a naughty on it and killed it. We do have cats that are allowed to roam in this neighbourhood, and they do leave diggings in my garden at times. This time, I think one got the plant. I like cats, but ... I guess I don't always appreciate their humans.

What I'm really pleased about are the forget-me-nots this year. We have some in the front and many out back. I've posted about them the past two summers and how Dad transplanted some from his place in Sarnia to ours in the same city decades ago. Five years ago, we brought some seeds with us when we moved across the province. For the past two summers, we've had a few plants, but I have been worried that we'd lose Dad's legacy. This years we have plenty as shown in the picture above and also the one below.

They are doing so well that I didn't try to stop Cuppa from cutting a few. But that will be enough cutting for this year as I'd like an even bigger and better showing next year. I'd like to have Dad's flowers pop up every spring for as long as possible. He's gone, but the forget-me-nots do as their name suggests.

Before I present the final photo, let me say in a totally off-topic sort of way but it must be mentioned, that Cuppa and I began our forty-second year together yesterday. Although it was our anniversary we didn't exactly reprise our wedding night because we both have miserable colds. There was a lot of hanky but not much panky.


jinksy said...

Oh, dear! Sorry about the colds, but congratulations on the 42!

Barry said...

Sorry about the lack of panky, but congratulations on your Anniversary!

I love this time of year in the garden especially for the forget-me- nots.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Oh gosh you are funny!

The allium is going to be so pretty when the florets bloom out...like a lil' planet on a stem...they're just a type of onion showing off, but I love 'em.

Diana said...

The Forget Me Nots were stunning AC! The whole garden was beautiful. You are so funny, all hanky and no panky! LOL! Happy Anniversary to you both!
Love Di ♥

Anvilcloud said...

Thanks. It's nice to have one's pathetic little attempts at humour acknowledged.

Mara said...

Wow, it looks like a real garden!

Happy anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I thought about your front garden the other day, remembering your first pictures. It is looking good and I love the phlox among the rocks. Congratulations on 42 years, not far from the Golden one. HH and I have more hanky these days than Panky too

Ginnie said...

Congratulation on 42 years. It sounds like the've been very good years....and that comes with lots of hard work, some panky and lots of hankies.

Doris said...

Your Forget-me-not photos are beautiful. I have tried many times to photograph these lovely little blooms but have never had a satisfying result. Bravo! And bravo for 42 years of successful married life.

Bernie said...

You have had hanky on your mind a lot lately.....perhaps the panky when the colds are gone and the eye stops running.......LOL
Happy Anniversary to two of the nicest people I have met in blogosphere.....wishing you many more happy years together.
Love the forget me nots, always loved them.......:-) Hugs

Donna said...

Love the garden and Especially the Forget-Me-Nots! Gorgeous!
Happy Late Anniversary!
Everyone always make a big deal out of panky...over rated compared to a good Hercule Poirot...LOLOL

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Cuppa, AC!

Hope that cold is better and that they'll be a rain date for reprises ;-D

Forget-Me-Nots. So sweet.