Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Summer That Isn't

The weather around here is just nuts, I tell ya. Nuts! We're running about four degrees cooler than average so far this summer. That's measuring against the average, mind you me, not necessarily one of those torridly hot summers. (And for those of you who don't do celsius, just double it to eight for an approximation of farenheit equivalent.) That's a pretty major difference.

By chance, we caught a meteorologist on the radio this morning (remember radios?), and he said something to the effect that there's a major high pressure centre stuck over the Atlantic. That has brought a cool low into our area, and this low is spinning around like spokes on a wheel. We can see it in the sky. Clouds just keep on coming and coming — white ones, black ones, and ones with a bit of both. Fortunately, there are also blue patches. It's pretty weird.

There's a folk festival in a town that's about a half hour to our west. Yesterday, we set out despite the ominous sky. Just as we were leaving town with doubt filled minds, I said, "Let's keep driving until it starts to rain." Immediately, and for once I'm not exaggerating, drops fell on the windshield, so we turned around.

Today was almost an exact replay. So, we ended up sipping coffee in our local park and taking pictures of the wacky sky. I guess none of those menacing clouds that you see above and below passed directly over our heads because it didn't rain. It was pretty darn chilly though.

Next Saturday evening, we hope to attend another free, outdoor concert in the city. Let's hope the weather has moved on by then.


Gina said...

I will trade you my 94 degree F for your cool weather.

Ruth said...

I don't like hot humid temps, but this cool summer is too extreme. We had an outdoor jazz festival in town this weekend and the skies looked the same as in your pictures with off and on showers. Not nice! Feels like Sept-Oct.

KGMom said...

We are having a pleasantly cool summer in central PA.
BUT the heat is on in parts of the U.S. southwest--Texas is abnormally hot--I confess to wondering if that's because they gave us George Bush ;-)
Anyway, don't go thinking a cool eastern Canada and U.S. means global warming is gone.

Anonymous said...

Our weather down here in Ky. is the same. We had a pool party today and our sky looked like yours until about 5 p.m. It was finally pretty. But the weather is upside down.

jinksy said...

Just seen UK weather forcast for the week - rain and showers :)

Donna said...

Please don't let Al Gore find this out...would ruin his week!hahaa..Still in the 100's here Sunday but calling for a cool down to the mid 90's on Monday...geez!hughugs

Unseen Rajasthan said...

This is so beautiful and lovely..I Loved this So much..Great shots !!Unseen Rajasthan

Janet said...

It's been unseasonably cool here as well. Normally July would be in the 90s, but we have only had a few days in the low 80s, and it's downright cold at night! But it makes for great climbing weather!

Judy said...

That same wheel of clouds had been spinning over West Michigan.

Looks like fall to me.

I LOVED the cooler temps.

I do believe this will go on MY record as the BEST summer, ever!