Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Snaps

Since I had a lot of photos left over from Foto Friday, I am hereby inaugurating Saturday Snaps.

Celtfest 2009
While Celtfest has extended itself in recent years, the main events are still the Saturday night and Sunday afternoon concerts. Saturday evening begins in the park and switches to The Old Townhall until about midnight. Cuppa snapped the first as we were leaving the park for the hall on Saturday night. The others were taken after and during the rain on Sunday afternoon. The group in the second photo is The Fitzgeralds. What an amazingly talented family. They are four fine stepdancers and fiddlers.

First Time in the Pool
Nikki Dee was a little nervous at first but didn't want to get out no matter how cold she got. Zachary cheered from the sidelines (fourth photo).

The perpetually busy toddler helps Amma and Buppa water the flowers.

Breakfast Time
Mom brought Zach over the other morning, just in time for breakfast. The boy recently started on solid food and really likes it.

Floor Time
After breakfast, Zach enjoyed some floor time. He can roll over now, both ways: front to back, and back to front. He's exceedingly clever.

Two More
Nikki Dee had to climb a fence on a recent walk before hanging almost upside down from a swing at the park.


Anonymous said...

I am pontificator #1 today. Firstly the pictures are all excellent. Great photography. Both children are delightful. The picture of Nikki Dee is almost identical to one of our Nikki who used to help us water the flowers in her precious little white canvas shoes. I so enjoy your grands. I guess I will have to look forward to great grands now. Blessings

JunieRose2005 said...

What sweet, sweet babies!
You be lucky, AC!
Hope you know that -and I think you do!! ;)

Junie Rose

Jinksy said...

A Kindergarten Wonderland! Loved the Zach in the Hat and the well watered pink shoes of his sister...

Lorna said...

Isn't Zachary like 3 days old?

Turtle Guy said...

Celtfest - Wonderful that you got to and enjoyed it! It must really enhance your love for the fiddle!

Watering - That's a busy little gardener! Reminds me of... me!

Janet said...

You will shortly need to invest in another watering can, because both of them will want to water everything in sight before too long!