Friday, July 17, 2009

Foto Friday

I have been very delinquent in all facets of blogging. I can't catch up with the photo backlog completely in one post, but I can make a darn good start.

Whether at the library or at bedtime, we try to read to The Bonnie Wee One. Although it's often an exercise in rapid page turning, one hopes that it does some good.

With this one, you're never sure of what's next. Will she want to ride, push or wander, or all three — at once.

At the Playground
This is one way to get her wiggles out. These photos are from three different parks. She seems to love things with wheels. In the first picture, she took over one shy little fellow's cart and made him cry. Of course, it's not malicious, she simply thinks that every person is a friend and that every toy is there for her. Unfortunately, she will learn that not everyone is her friend. Fortunately, she will learn that not every toy is hers.

She took her first trip in the bicycle trailer that Cuppa and I received for Fathers Day and Mothers Day. She wasn't too happy about the helmet thingie, but once we got going, she quite enjoyed herself. The last photo is simply from a little jaunt that Cuppa and I took without her. We found a nice, paved country road, but then I had to stop and figure out where the heck we were.


Donna said...

Oh Ac! These are Wonderful! I Love the one with the Leash!!Hahaa..precious! Happy weekend!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Oh how precious. I love the ones going up the steps. Don't you ever get chiggers off the grass with those shorts on? Maybe you don't have chiggers in Canada.

Mary G said...

Beautiful shots. I too love the harness one; I can clearly see my dad with the YD on not one but two harnesses(in case one broke) letting her walk on the wall beside the Detroit River.
I was never more glad of my lifeguard training, but they both loved to do it.

Anonymous said...

It is nice that you can do all of this. It would wear me out. I liked the post with your photography.

Pick a Peck of Pixels

Ginnie said...

The Bonnie Wee One is a natural to be photographed. She will love those pictures when she is old and gray!

Lorna said...

I love the way you and Cuppa match in these photos.

Mara said...

Lovely photographs. And it's great that you (try to) read to her all the time. Books are so important!

Anonymous said...

What fun.. I can hardly wait for my grandbabies to be of that age. And I think I may get myself a couple of those harnesses. :-)

Donna said...

Also love the Umbrella!! Pretty! Precious shots Ac!!hughugs