Thursday, July 16, 2009

Colouring My Pants

Writing about short pants in my previous post triggered yet another recollection. It occurred in the same general time frame as my one-time experiment with wearing shorts, and it involved colouring my pants with a purplish crayon.

Because I have succumbed to the wiles of heathenism and no longer attend church, I don't know what folk do today, but back on those days — late fifties/early sixties — all of us men wore suits to church. And I went to church quite a lot, or at least twice on Sundays.

And lo it came to pass that I was handed-down a suit that was a bluish grey if I doth recall correctly. And verily, the pants did possess what must have been a bleached out spot on the left leg somewhat below the bottom of the jacket. So, yea my people, I didst endeavour to hide this blemish for it was evil in my sight. Behold, before wearing said suit to meeting, I wouldst take in mine hand a crayon and attempt to hideth the offending spot. Alas, it never didst worketh all that welleth but felt I indeedeth bettereth for the tryingeth of it — eth. So saith the AC. Amen

Putting my over-the-top parody of King Jimmy English aside, I don't recall being too embarrassed over having this particular trial inflicted upon me, for I knew we didn't exactly have a Rockerfellian bank account. So, fine and understanding fellow that I was, I didn't complain too vociferously. But even then I had my pride and simply put down mine hard-hearted foot over that other hand-me-down suit: the one that was a brownish herringbone suitable for an old man — a somewhat diminutive older man as it happened.

On that rock of faith and principle, I stood firm!


Anonymous said...

A fine story well toldith. Did you get red lines under all the madeupith words you used? Blessings

jinksy said...

Had to smile at this one - If I had a pound for every time I've resorted to 'camouflage' on various items of clothing (and shoes) to cover less-than-perfect spots, I'd be rich!

Mara said...

What about photographic evidence?

Janet said...

I think that was a very ingenious solution, even if it didn't work very well. Although I've found that crayon once on clothes tends to stay there. Especially if you didn't want it there to begin with.
I loveth youreth parodeth.

Mary said...


Colouring the bleached spot was brilliant. It would have made it less conspicious, I'm sure. I don't blame you for putting your foot down on the brown herringbone. That was just too much.

As a child, I wore mostly my aunt's hand me downs. It never bothered me. In fact, I looked at these as brand new clothes and never thought of them as used. That is just the way it was and we never knew any different. I do remember my first store-bought dress. It was green taffeta with embroidery on the bodice. Oh, so pretty. I have a photo of me wearing it when i was about six years old. I'll have to see if I can find it.

Enjoy the weekend. Loved all the photos.