Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grandfather Goose

I know I'm really a gander, but nobody really uses the proper term. Besides, there was a famous film called Father Goose starring Cary Grant, no less, and if it's okay with the mighty and omniscient Hollywood ...

To the point: the diligent warding of the Canada Goose always impresses me. It seems that they are always on the job — ever watchful. (Aside: we were recently informed that mother goose can't even fly when the goslings are young. Must be true. Who would make it up?)

I often feel like Grandfather Goose as I shadow The Bonnie Wee One in potentially hazardous situations ... of which there are many. Like at the local park where we took her for the first time, especially when she wandered towards and into the river.

She had a grand time: loved the waterplay so much that her teeth were chattering.

Fortunately, she also loves the swing and was content to warm up for quite awhile.

Zach is a little young but managed to enjoy himself in his own way.

And didn't the clever fellow actually roll over for the first time that night? Apparently, Nikki Dee was so tired after her busy day that she fell asleep in her own swing at home.

BTW: only six months until Christmas.


Donna said...

Oh AC!!! Look at Zach!! He's growing SO Fast!! Miss Nikki is adorable as Ever!! You are SO blessed big Guy!!hughugs

Donna said...

PS-HAhaa...I missed the "6 months 'til Christmas"...Yes!

Anonymous said...

Oh no don't remind me of Christmas. I got work to do. I make all of our Christmas gifts. Blessings

Ruth said...

I will think of you now whenever I see geese. The similarities are there. Zach is growing up quickly too. You will be running in two directions next summer.

Mara said...

Wasn't Christmas just two weeks ago? Who makes the time go faster and faster every year?

Woman in a Window said...

Six months to Christmas. What you talkin' 'bout Willis?

They really keep you on your toes around water, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Love the warm weather and the many outdoor opportunities it offers with the kidlets. It is mind boggling how quickly they are growing.

Janet said...

My goodness he's getting so big!!!! And what was that last bit? Christmas? LaLaLaLaLaLa, sorry I couldn't quite hear you.

But don't repeat it.