Friday, June 12, 2009


She is kind enough to share my piece of Daddy's birthday cake with me.

I take her home from a visit and stand to leave. To prevent this, she closes the front door and leads me by the hand to the back yard.

We are at the park for a family picnic. She runs to me, hugs my leg, and says the magic words, "I love you." She doesn't know what they mean, but they touch me deeply.

She is the one whom I name like I have named no other. I name her honey, darling, sweetheart: words which are not, were not in my vocabulary. I don't know why; they just weren't.

I have loved and love them all, Cuppa, the children and their spouses, and they know this, but it seems that she somehow touches me in a place that is specially and uniquely hers and makes me different in some way.


Anonymous said...

I so know of what you speak. My first grand daughter touched me (and still does to this day) in much the same way. Maybe it is because she was the first, maybe it is because she was a little girl (I had two boys) but for whatever reason, she is my heart child. She turns 19 this year. Hold on tight, A/C.. they grow up far too quickly.

KGMom said...

And, AC, SHE is most fortunate to have a loving grandfather such as you.

Mary said...


Enjoyed your photos in the post below. Seems I had missed that one. Looks like you had a nice weekend.

Yes She is beautiful and I can see her capturing your heart in a place it had never been touched before. Grandchildren tend to do that. Brandon also has a very unique place in my heart. Though he is 14, we are still very close. It may have to do with the fact I was in the delivery room when he was born, or maybe that he has Asperger's. Jordan has his own special place in my heart. What nicer words when I pick up the phone than, "Hi Grandma. Watcha doin'."

Grandchildren touch us as our children or spouses never did. You and Nikki Dee will always be close.
Enjoy this special relationship. It's like none other and she is blessed to have such a loving Grandpa.


JunieRose2005 said...


This post touched me deeply! I had much the same feelings for my first grandchild!

ChrisB said...

She is clearly a much loved little girl and it's easy to see why.

jinksy said...

All those other loves have taught you the words you use for this one...

Ruth said...

A very special post indeed. I hope she sees this when she is old enough to treasure your words.

Mary G said...

So beautiful. The little girl and your words both.
I'm passing on an award over at my blog and I've given you one.

Heather Plett said...

Aw, you are so beautifully smitten!

Mary said...


That pink flowered plant that my neighbor gave me and calls Hungarian geranium is indeed crane's bill geranium. I don't mind it but dig lots of it up each year to give away. That keeps it under control.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Blessings for a great weekend.

Garnetrose said...

What a wonderful tribute to a lovely little girl. You may be blessed but she is also blessed to have you in her life.

Woman in a Window said...

THAT was incredibly sweet.

I love how she has transformed your vocabulary. Love that!