Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Shout Out ...

... to my SIL on Fathers Day.

I know it's odd to come at a Fathers Day post by praising your son or SIL, but I think it's fitting today. While refraining from losing character by becoming overly maudlin and sentimental, I do want to pay tribute to this b man. I almost stumbled there and called him boy because he is compared to me, but he is The Man to his kids.

He is a good Daddy, a very good Daddy. He spends time with his little ones, and they adore him. When he recently had a little found money come to him, he did not run out and buy boy toys but spent it all on an expensive fence (remember the pics?) so his kids could play securely. With the little that was left, he then purchased a pretty grand playset and then spent many uncomplaining hours putting the thing together.

Not only is he a great dad but he's a pretty fair SIL too. However, in that role he is and forever will be known as The Boy.


Anonymous said...

That is a real blessing to have SIL or DIL that you admire. We have 3 SIL and they are, thankfully, great fathers. Blessings

Anonymous said...

It's good to give credit when credit is due.
Happy Fathers Day to You both!

Mary G said...

Mine too! Glad you did this. Good SIL's are often unsung heroes. Mine just coped with a broken 6 year old bone, calmly and capably. Good stars to good daddies, today.
And to good grandpas -- here's yours.
Or as close as I can get. Should be bigger and golder.

Ruth said...

Happy Father's Day to the man and the boy.

KGMom said...

A father can wish for no greater joy for his daughter than a partner who cares. Lucky you (lucky daughter) to have those partners in your children's lives.
Happy Father's Day--AC and SIL.

Mary said...


Anyone can be a father, but a Dad is someone who spends time with his kids and bond with them. He also puts them before himself. Sounds to me like your SIL is a terrific Dad. Hats off to him.

Hope you're having a great Father's Day.


Woman in a Window said...

Ya, some kids never grow up, they just look big.

Hope you had a nice father's day, too!