Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Of Absentmindedness and Snowblindedness

What a miserable day: windy, rainy and S N O W Y ! ! ! Yes, you read correctly — snowing on October 28! How dare The Weather Network Network?! They should know better, should know that it shouldn't snow for almost another month. Nevertheless, it has predicted that we can expect 10cm (4in) or more of the white stuff overnight — and it's highly doubtful that it will still be mixed with rain as the temperature drops this evening. Sigh.

To make matters worse, on this contemptible day, I managed to rouse my body enough to brave the elements and take a miserable walk through a parking lot for the purpose of stocking up on provender. And I did what I almost invariably do: played the part of the absentminded professor and overlooked something on my list. This time it was the potatoes.

I don't always miss something on the list, but on those rare occasions when I manage to keep my listy wits about me, I find that I have usually neglected to put something on the list in the first place. This usually happens when I list the ingredients for a recipe. That happened today too, but while in the store, I did remember that I had forgotten [sic — remembered that I forgot] to put beef broth on the list. There was something else too, but I've forgotten what it was ... although I remembered that I forgot it at the time. (There should be a prize for following that.)

It's hard being me, and I suppose living with me ... and perhaps in reading this blog. Fortunately, I don't need the potatoes for tonight as we're having linguine, but it will mean another trip to the store before I am darned good and ready. Grrrr.

(I know it's snowlblindness and not snowblindedness; I just liked it that way.)


Anonymous said...

I followed you all the way! Now where is my prize! :o)
It's been snowing in parts of England today, not my part yet thank goodness!
(I liked the bit, 'listy wits')

KGMom said...

I am writing in a little little voice--perchance do you mean aBsentmindedness?
Of course, you could be coming up with a new word for forgetting to put things on a list--asentmindedness!

Ruth said...

It is snowing in London ON, but we have had only a few flurries in the air. It is bitterly cold and windy though. My daughters are excited. They are still young enough to be happy when the first snow flies.

KGMom said...

Awww--you changed it. So now my prior comment looks strangely strange.
(I confess--I can't help it. I am always editing, even catching my own mistakes as I hand papers out to students!)

Mary said...

No sign of snow here yet, but since there's a Nor' Easter blowing into Ontario, it is predicted that we will also get about 4 inches of snow overnight. We have high winds though.

I am NOT ready for snow yet and from the sounds of it neither are you.

I remember when I was a kid that it used to snow in October but that was years ago.

Try to keep warm and don't go out unless it's necessary. I hibernate in the winter if I can.


dabrah said...

It snowed here last night. I can't help it, I'm thrilled. I suppose I know it won't hang around for long, so snow is something to enjoy. If I thought it was going to be lying there and getting deeper and deeper for months, I might have a different attitude.

It sounds like you had a bad day yesterday. I hope today is a better day for you.

Amanda said...

I'm looking at your weather report on your blog and that looks so cold!! (and i thought it was getting cold here!)
Wrap up!

Heather said...

I thought of you this morning when I saw the weather forecast across the country. No snow here yet, but it'll come soon enough.

Janet said...

Oh my. First Phillip, now you. No, snow in October is NOT acceptable.

I followed you the whole way too. Of course, I write like that a lot. Perhaps I've been a bad influence. :)

womaninawindow said...

"snowlblindness?" Really?

More envy, more envy, reading in reverse. Only had flakes here today. Hardly enough for the paddy, never mind the cake.

Simply Coll said...

Even after all these years of living on the Canadian prairies, I still shudder at the thought of snow. +sigh+

Pearl said...

snowlblindness fits that weather. so does contemptible. It is proof of my iron will that I didn't hide under the blankets at that morning view.